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To stay in a place of peace and harmony keeps the chakras in good health.

To stay in a place of peace and harmony keeps the chakras in good health.

Why is peace important to our health?

Who doesn’t want peace?  21st of September 2014 is peace day. This is a day of getting as many people as possible in the world to commit to peace, both globally and within their own lives and families. The day asks who you will make peace with. There are many people who have been in my life that I feel I could make peace with. Past hurts and past mistakes haunt us all I am sure, or at least some of us at some point in our lives.

The most important person to make peace with may be our selves. We can send peace to others and hope that they will accept it, but whether they do or not is up to them. The only person that each of us has any real control over is ourselves. Past hurts can live with us a long time and they can be very negatively impactful on our emotions and in turn our physical health. Holistic healers believe that all ill health starts with unsettled emotions. It is the stresses and strains of daily life that take their toll on us eventually. Each person has his or her own tolerance level to the negative things that may befall them within life. We all may have some hurt or difficulty along the way in life. We all have different experiences though we will share many of them as similar experiences and deal with them in our individual manner. What one person will brush off as nothing another will find negatively impactful and will suffer in some way as a result.

If there is any truth in the belief that stressed emotions are the root cause of much ill health then it would also follow that it is best to keep oneself in a state of peace and calm for as much of our time as possible. We are all human and we will react to all situations with some degree of emotion. Life itself is about interacting with life, and we will react to those interactions in many ways.  It would not be right to do otherwise because that is part of our humanity. However to allow oneself to be extremely stressed for a great deal of the time can only be harmful to us in the long run. If we are unduly stressed for a great deal of time that will also impact on other people that interact with us. That will tax them and their emotions as well as ours as they interact with us. In turn as they become stressed with our stress they will send that stress back in our direction and so we have a circle of stress and a downward spiral of ill health in many people.

What role do the chakras play in our peace?

Chakras are said to be spinning wheels of energy and when they are spinning in the correct way, to a correct intensity and direction they are in alignment with each other and the person. It is said and thought by holistic healers that to be well and healthy the chakras must be balanced correctly. There are many ways of balancing the chakras. We can balance the chakras with sound, colour, Reiki energy, crystal energy and even symbols amongst other things. Each chakra has a purpose. That purpose is integral to the well-being of the body.  They are points of activity within our bodies. Our mind is a place of mental activity and spiritual connection. Our thoughts are a powerful thing. They are a tool that will work for us or against us. If we change our thoughts we change our reactions to a given situation and in turn our emotions will change. So there is a connection with our crown chakra and our heart chakra. If we have negative thoughts they will impact our heart chakra as that is where our emotions lay. Once we have one or two chakras out of alignment the others will follow to a greater or lesser degree as they will try to compensate for the misalignment. So in time all chakras will suffer and be to a greater or lesser degree out of balance.

To stay in a place of peace and harmony keeps the chakras in good health. To be happy, breezy and peaceful will have a positive impact on the body as the chakras will be more likely to stay in alignment.

What are the chakra points?

We have seven major chakra points within our body that are spinning wheels of energy. They run in a line from the base of the spine to the top of the head.  We have many chakra points within our bodies. We have major chakra points and minor ones also. The seven major chakra points are the most important ones within our bodies. Each chakra point has its own location and job to do within the body. They are locations of energy activity. To be honest our whole body is a location of energy activity. Everyone’s body functions by means of energy. The body is energy interacting with energy. The chakras are just small portions of that larger energy reality and function of our body.

The base chakra is located at the base of the spine.

The sacral chakra is located at the position just under the tummy button or the lower tummy area.

The solar plexus is the area just at the upper tummy under the bust.

The heart is located at the heart area.

The throat is at the front neck area at the throat itself.

The third eye is located in the middle of the forehead.

The crown is located on the very top of the head.

The chakras are positions within the body of intense energy activity, this activity is our thinking and spiritual connection, imagination and seeing of pictures, speech, feeling, connection to the world and other people, procreation, and connection to the earth. That breaks it down to its absolute basic. All of these parts of our body are different and have different functions. To me it really does not matter if the reality is or is not that they are spinning wheels of energy. The fact is they are locations within the body and each has a function. These functions are integral to our health and well- being physically and emotionally. So to keep these parts of our body well and healthy is a must. It is a matter of keeping our thoughts, emotions and actions in check for balance. Peace both within the person and outside of the person brings harmony and in turn balanced health.

“Best wishes from Lynette as you continue to peacefully nourish the flame within.”



What is the purpose of meditation?

Meditation is a beautiful thing. It can take you on a journey both inside and outside of yourself. It can take you to the very depths of your own soul. It can connect you to you. There are many types of meditation all with varying purposes and outcomes. Meditation can impact your health, by bringing calm and balance to the mind and body. It is often thought by non-mediation practitioners that meditation is solely for the purpose of being quiet and emptying the mind. Well to a degree this is true it is that however it is also so much more than that. Being in true meditation is a state of physical being. It is not just about being quiet. Meditation is a place between being asleep and being awake. It is the middle place a bit like being in a day dream. We have all day dreamed at some point and been in that warm cosy sleepy dreamy place that is familiar and comforting; this is the place more or less of true meditation. To be truly in meditation one has to have changed ones brain wave patterns from Beta to Alpha state. When we are awake our brain wave patterns are in Beta state and when we start to go to sleep we go from Beta to Alpha then Theta to Delta. To be in meditation we must learn to go from Beta to Alpha and not go further down into Theta and Delta. One of the purposes of meditation it to bring calm to the mind and body, this is the physical purpose of meditation. By bringing calm to the mind and body we impact the body’s physical well-being. There have been many studies done into the effectiveness of meditation and it is known that without a doubt it has a positive physical impact upon the physical and mental body.

Dr. Herbert Benson, founder of the Mind-Body Medical Institute, which is affiliated with Harvard University and several Boston hospitals, reports that meditation induces a host of biochemical and physical changes in the body collectively referred to as the “relaxation response”. The relaxation response includes changes in metabolism, heart rate, respiration, blood pressure and brain chemistry. Benson and his team have also done clinical studies at Buddhist monasteries in the Himalayan Mountains. Benson wrote The Relaxation Response to document the benefits of meditation, which in 1975 were not yet widely-known.” — Wikipedia.

Meditation can also be said to be purposeful in bringing about a greater connection for the person with their own spiritual state. It can bring about a deeper spiritual connection with the persons self. When we first go down into a state of meditation we connect with ourselves first (really we are activating ourselves) before going onto connect with other spiritual realities.  We are always in control of the outcome in meditation and it is up to the person meditating to state to themselves what they wish for from any given meditation. We set the goals and the boundaries ourselves within meditation. Meditation has been used for centuries by spiritual people as a spiritual practise to connect them to forces beyond everyday earthly life for the purposes of deeper understandings of deeper truths of the self and life.  Meditation can bring a realisation of truth understanding and awareness of the wider world and the universe. We are part of that wider universe and meditation can connect us to that wider universe.

So we can say that meditation will impact our health in a positive way if we do meditation on a regular basis. We can also connect ourselves to our own soul should we wish to do so and in doing so bring about a greater understanding of ourselves and who we are and what we can be. We can also say that meditation will connect us to a spiritual reality beyond this life and this place as well as bring deeper understandings to ourselves about life, the universe and our place within that existence.


How do you meditate effectively?

Many people try meditation and fail to achieve the meditation state as they do not know what is precisely required to achieve that state. It is like anything it is easy when you know how. It is a simple process but one that requires a small amount of practise to be a master at it. It can be learnt very simply and easily once the person knows what is needed to do so. Many people feel it has to be a long and arduous process and there are those practices and disciplines of meditation that make it so. It does not have to be difficult as it is not difficult at all.  The trick is in the way that you breathe and how the air is taken into the body. Once that is learnt the meditation state will be achieved quickly and easily. It is truly simple once you have a little know-how.


What is spiritual meditation?

There is a reality beyond this life and this place that we can all connect to should we wish to do so.  This reality sits outside of ourselves but is also part of us. It is that place that we seek when we seek religion and spiritual connection through religious practices. We do not have to subscribe to one religion or the other or any religion at all to connect to this place. It is there for us all no matter whom we are or what we believe. We are all part of a greater whole. We are all part of the universe. The universe made us and we are a small part of it. We each play our own vital role as part of that greater whole. We are not for the most part consciously aware of what that role or purpose is. To meditate with a spiritual purpose in mind will bring a connection to the greater spiritual whole and we can find our deeper purpose within this life there in that place.  We will find great energy forces that are part of us and also separate from ourselves when we spiritually connect through meditation. We can meditate to gain a deeper understanding of whom and what we are as well as whom and what those forces are also.  Spiritual meditation offers the practitioner enlightenment to the purpose of the universe, of life and the self.

For more information on how to meditate Nourish the Flame within.



Life is an energetic encounter. Energy is everywhere and every moment of the day we encounter energy. We are energy interacting with energy. It is not usual for most of us to think of ourselves or our lives in this way. Einstein’s famous equation E=mc2 tells us that all matter and the means by which matter interacts are all manifestations of energy. Everything is energy of one sort or another sort and we all feel energy.

We make sense of our external world by means of our senses. Our senses are filtering and assessing information that comes in our direction. The light from the world around us enters our eyes, and that information touches the retina and is relayed to the brain.  This information is then interpreted by the brain.  Sound waves enter the ear and are converted into electrical signals that travel along the auditory nerve to the brain.  This information is also interpreted by the brain. Our sense of touch will give us information on texture heat, type of material and general quality and much more of any object. We are energy and any given object is energy and when we touch something or something touches us it is nothing but an encounter of two energy types interacting. It does not matter whether that touch is physical or emotional it is all energy interacting in one way or the other with energy. All encounters are nothing but one energy type making sense of the other or one giving or exchanging information with the other.  The bottom line is energy interacts with energy. There are waves of many kinds interacting with us all of the time. We are constantly receiving electromagnetic waves such as TV signals and radio signals.

There is a subtle, naturally occurring electromagnetic energy that exists both inside and outside of ourselves that we interact with. This energy is called Chi, Ki, Prana and Psychic energy. It is all the same thing just known by different names. We can feel this energy and we can draw this energy into our body at will. Our body will draw this subtle energy in all of the time sub-consciously and we can do so consciously at will also. This energy is not entirely understood but it is known to be in existence and we know it impacts the body.

Gary Schwartz in the book “The Energy Healing Experiments,” explains that he did experiments with many people as he wanted to know if we all feel energy. The results of those experiments show that we all feel energy even if we think we do or not. In his experiments he had people that were blindfolded exposed to the energy of another person first on one hand and then on the other hand randomly. The experiments showed that we all feel energy and we all have an idea of where and when we are feeling that energy to some degree. Some people are supersensitive to it and other people are less sensitive to it. However we all feel it and it impacts our physical health and well-being.


What is energy manipulation?

We can all manipulate this energy. We do so subconsciously without knowing we do for the most part. We continually interact with subtle energy all of the time. There are many holistic healing methods that stimulate the subtle energy system. Reiki, acupuncture and cranial sacral therapy all employ various methods to stimulate the subtle energy system to bring about health and well-being within the person.

Subtle energy has many uses. It can help to heal the body and the emotions it can also help us to activate the chakra points on the body. By stimulating or activating the chakra points we can keep our body in balance and harmony thus aiding well-being of the emotions and the body in general. This is what the meditations seek to achieve in “Nourish the Flame Within”.  Awareness of energy in the chakra areas builds our relationship with energy within the body.  By placing our awareness on particular chakra points, we can influence the flow of energy within the body, leading to interaction with the world around us as well as within us.  We can also flood the body with subtle energy using Reiki therapy. By flooding the body in this way with subtle energy we saturate the body allowing it to take what it needs and expel what it has no use for. Thus the Reiki therapist does not need to know where the problem lays within the body just that there is a problem and by giving the body an abundance of what it needs it will be more able to find its own balance in a short time.

We can also flood the body with energy by doing certain physical exercises. The practice of Chi Kung and martial arts for example that have been done by eastern people such as the Chinese for many centuries exploit this knowledge. Within this practice exercises are done in sequences for the most part to stimulate the subtle energy to flow along the meridian lines of the body. The meridian lines are energy pathways through the body by which it is believed that the subtle energy flows.

As well as exercises and therapy we can also make energy move by using our will or our minds. This takes a little practice and belief and understanding of the reality of this ability that is within us all.  Once the person accepts this as a truth they will be willing to put in the small amount of practice to enable them to feel this energy consciously and make it move.


What are the steps for creating energy?

We cannot create energy nor destroy it; we can simply alter the form it takes. Everything within the universe (and that includes everything on the earth) is energy. However we can have an influence on the energy flow. For energy to flow anywhere the correct conditions must be in place. There must be a free pathway for the energy to flow into. This is true of all energy not just subtle energy. We can harness subtle energy and manipulate it by various methods. As I said earlier various therapy methods and exercise practices will enable the energy to flow freely and in abundance for good health and well-being. The bottom line is for free flow of energy throughout the body one has to either flood the body or manipulate the body or the energy system in some way to make it move. The ideal state with regards to energy flow within the body is free flow and movement of energy.

“Best wishes from Lynette as you continue to nourish the flame within with energy.”