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The Flow of the Universe

The River of the Universe flows from a ubiquitous source, through a process we call time.  The Universe unfolds at every point expanding and evolving.

We are all a part of that process and we have no choice but to participate. It is up to us whether we are a willing participant or if we resist the endless force that drives us towards forward movement, growth and evolution.

If we choose to resist it is only temporary as we ultimately return to the Great Flow when we die.  To choose to resist can be a tiring and draining process.  It is an experience full of pressure, strain and stress that can debilitate and weaken us. If we resist all we are doing is fighting a natural law of the universe. That natural law is one of movement and change.

In time this resistance can cause Illness with in us and we may become stressed in some way either emotionally or physically.  We may have sensations of dissatisfaction and meaninglessness, we may feel despondent about life and we may think we are powerless.  The more resistance we give to natural flow the more pressure we will inevitably feel.  Nature can give us room to manoeuvre when it makes us aware of our correct path; it then gives us the opportunity to change our poor choices. Poor choices too are a part of growth and change.

These gentle persuasions of nature can be ignored by us as we have free will and choice.  If we choose to ignore them the negative symptoms within us may grow and affect us detrimentally.

There is wisdom in listening to nature and understanding her pulse. She has her own natural rhythm of which you know and understand at a fundamental level of your being.

To be consciously aware of that natural rhythm of evolution and growth can only enhance our lives. It will set us in tune and in step with all that there is. For you to access this knowledge the key is deep inside of your being and to find that key one must go on a short journey. There are many practices that will help you find that key and unlock the door to flow.

Meditation, martial arts, mediumship, yoga, Chi Kung, Reiki as well as all forms of energy healing all help us to connect to universal energy at a deep level.  Once we have found that connection we can use it for many purposes.

In artistic and all daily practice we can connect to the flow of the universe and loose ourselves in its power. In a moment we can become one with its inspiring movement. We can be in the flow of life and the universe itself.  In time we learn to understand its language and use its power to enhance our life and being.

A river does not flow for itself alone.  It flows for the fish and insects that live in it, the animals that drink form it. It is a repository for rain water and a reservoir if the land is dry.  It carves through the earth changing the landscape and moves the earth and water around the planet.  In doing that, it expresses its true essence.  A river cannot be totally isolated.  Its identity and reason are intrinsically tied into its environment. It is a part of the larger picture of life.

So too are we.  What are we without our environment?  How can we shine without a larger context, a greater environment and people to share our light with?

Being a small part of a lager whole is our natural state.  To acknowledge that and work in union with it is to serve a greater purpose. To be in the flow of life and the universe is to be at one with your-self and at one with all.

The Stars at Night

I am overwhelmed by the billions of stars, the vastness of the expanse before me and my connection to it.

I am overwhelmed by the billions of stars, the vastness of the expanse before me and my connection to it.

It is New Years Eve and I take a break from the festivities and walk outside into the icy night air. The silence is deafening and I enjoy the stillness and the dark. In contemplative and reflective mood I take a deep breath and look skyward.

Instantly I am overwhelmed by the billions of stars, the vastness of the expanse before me and my connection to it, a sense of being part of something universal and the fact I play a part in that and at the same time an insignificance that is humbling and releasing.

I recognise that profound moment as something special- a sense of how things truly are. A connection to something unchanging yet at the same time in constant flux, all things a manifestation of the energy of the universe, without time, beyond space, without boundaries.

Quantum Physics tells us that form and shape are an illusion. Energy moves at such speeds in confined spaces that it creates an energy field that is both powerful and fluid. We perceive these fields as particles such as protons, neutrons and electrons that themselves interact to create atoms. These atoms join together to create progressively more complex objects- but at their core they are this fluid energy field.

Delve into this energy field and you have space, the reflection of the greater universe, a reflection of life and existence itself. That New Years Eve night was a realisation of that reflected reality for me- a chance to intimately feel the quantum nature of being.