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Subtle Energy and Health

Energy flows along pathways. These paths occur naturally. For example, air pressure differences create wind. Gravity attracts objects, spins planets and moves them through the universe. Chemical pathways move energy through the process of transformation and change. Thoughts move energy along nerve fibres within the central and peripheral nervous systems. Pathways of colour, sound and heat abound in nature. These energy pathways and many others create a network of inter- related systems that bind the universe together- the energy systems of the human body are important not only because they create and sustain life but also because they contribute to the energy systems of the planet that in turn interact with the energy of the solar system in an ever expanding, increasingly complex and inter- related universe.

The fact that these systems are inter- related is important because it means we are not isolated. Our existence is dependent upon others. Genetic streams of energy combine from our parents to create a unique individual that has unique experiences and perceptions of the world. We breathe and take in food and water, all of which has been recycled from elsewhere throughout time. Many of the elements in our bodies can only be created in the super- heat of stars, which means that they have been destroyed and their energy reintegrated into a planet and everything upon that planet.

For us to remain physically and mentally healthy exchange through these energy pathways is essential. Food is a well recognised pathway of energy that we partake in 3- 5 times a day. We recognise that the quality of the food we eat is important for health and is a valuable source of fuel for us in our daily lives. The human body uses up a phenomenal amount of energy in everyday activities- thinking, moving, maintenance and repair, digestion, monitoring the balance of chemicals in the body (homeostasis) and the immune system. For all of this to work correctly and in concert, energy needs to flow throughout the body freely.

Fields of energy created by the accumulation of atoms to create the cells of organs and systems, interact with each other to maintain balance and equilibrium in the body. If there are blockages in the pathways through which the energy flows, the body becomes out of balance over time and we may need to go to an acupuncturist, chiropractor, herbalist, cranio- sacral therapist and other types of healers to redress the balance.

As well as that, we can look at our body as a whole energy system- more like a battery. These cells, organs and systems draw their energy from the whole. Just as the Earth draws its energy from the sun, so the body draws its energy from the environment around it. Just as energy flows within the planet so energy flows through the body. Extinguish the sun, the planet slowly dies. Isolate the body from the environment, or more literally reduce or prevent the energy interacting with the body, and the body slowly reduces in health and eventually dies. This manifests itself in everyday life as sustained stress, poor working and living environments, poor quality of food, lack of exercise as well as a lack of meaning and purpose in people’s lives.

The human body, just like an electrical appliance, needs power so that it can work effectively and efficiently. Built into all living things is a means to draw power from the naturally- occurring universal energy grid that recharges the battery and so gives the body the energy it needs to work optimally. Life naturally drains this battery- as I said living is a very energy- hungry activity. Because energy flows, it is right that the battery be drained, but it does need to be recharged. If it is not, symptoms of poor health manifest in subtle ways to begin with, that become pronounced the more depleted we become and the more out of balance we are.

So, how do we recharge this battery? The process is a naturally occurring one and may take place without us realising that it is happening. If we choose to consciously recharge our battery, there are things we can do that will promote better health, well- being and vitality. It requires us to consciously connect to the energy all around us- if we do so through meditation, we may imagine drawing energy into the body either from above or from below and linking the seven chakra points, energising them and so revitalising the body; if we use Reiki, we become attuned to the universal healing force that floods the body with energy; we may choose to do it through loving and nurturing relationships and acts of kindness; we may invest in activities for which we are passionate, surrounding ourselves with people with whom we can have passionate conversations about things we are passionate about. The list is almost endless, but there is one fundamental thing that links them all- we connect to the energy around us and allow it to fuel us, empower us and in turn we empower and fuel the world around us. In short, we partake in the energy recycling process that occurs naturally throughout the universe, making us active participants in our own lives and the lives of others- the way existence is meant to be.