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Do Waves Create Matter?

Perhaps there are waves and vibration first and this in time creates form.

Perhaps there are waves and vibration first and this in time creates form.

I know this to be true- that vibration is the source of the diversity of our universe.  The energy that is the universe moves in waves, in constant motion and flux.  I have experienced this in meditation and I have read about it in religious texts: the Hindu story of creation beginning with the sound Om and; the Judeo- Christian- Islamic creation story that the word of god brought the universe into being.  I have also studied quantum physics, which tells

us that the nature of reality is energy and that all this energy moves in waves, even though much of it has the sensation of being solid and static or simply “empty” space.

But knowing something to be true is not the same as proving it.  I have not set out to prove anything here, simply introduce some ideas that may inspire discussion and understanding of this mystery that is the universe.  I am a scientist by training.  I like proof.  I am not sure that this concept can be proved scientifically.  Perhaps experience is all any of us really have when it comes to our perception of the universe and what we believe is the truth of reality.  There is some scientific evidence that points to this energy vibration being the foundation of reality.

I don’t know about you, but when I think of vibration, I think of an object radiating vibrations of energy out.  Like a pebble in a pond, the action of the pebble hitting the water creates ripples.  Until recently, I had always thought of these energy vibrations in this way.  Then it came to me in meditation that perhaps the opposite is true.  Perhaps there is vibration first and this in time creates form.  Maybe that is what was meant in the Hindu and Judeo- Christian- Islamic stories of creation?  When you have an idea, the thoughts are just vibrations in your mind.  In time, these thoughts become actions and action produces results in form.  Perhaps all there is in the Universe is an accumulation of vibrations, creating intricate patterns- some we see, others we feel and still more we are completely unaware.

Intrigued by this topsy- turvey notion, I investigated and discovered some fascinating scientific research to support the idea.  In the late 18th and 20th centuries, two scientists used vibrations on metal plates and created different patterns (see the works of Ernst Chladni and Hans Jenny).  They placed sand on fixed plates and used different sound frequencies to make the plates vibrate.  The sand would move to the parts of the plates that remained still.  Change the sound frequency and the shape of the pattern changed.  The sound created patterns made from sand on the plates.  In the patterns, the sand represents where the energy of the vibration is static, implying that the vibrations make an energy pattern of waves.

There are a number of different types of waves.  One form is a standing wave.  I will not go into the details here (you can find more information here if you are interested), but a unique quality of standing waves is that they have a region, or regions, that remain still.  The vibrating plates in these experiments would have produced standing waves so there would have been regions on the plates that were still which is where the sand would have collected.

So where does this leave us?  Well, one of the characteristics of matter is that it takes up three- dimensional space (i.e. it has length, depth and breadth).  What if matter is formed where three standing waves, each coming from a different plane, intersect at their still points?  The energy in these waves coalesces at this point, the energy is confined, and in some way matter is formed.  Matter is also sustained by the waves flowing to create these points.  Matter is connected beyond the physical boundary of the physical form, through the waves that go to create it.   This might help to explain how we are influenced by the ambience in a room, how we can be healed by energy healers without them touching us and why our mood influences and affects others, as we are influenced and affected by them.

For me, this is a step in trying to bring together different experiences from many disciplines and finding an explanation that might fit all of them.  Rather than discount some and accept others, perhaps we can find an explanation that encompasses the diversity of human experience.  I feel that thinking of the universe as being waves of energy that vibrate at different frequencies that come together to create not only matter, but also the forces of the universe as well, we can begin to include experiences that science would normally encourage us to discount.

I invite you to discuss this with us in the comments below.  I am not saying I am right.  I want to open this up to discussion so that we can all move forward and have a better understanding of our magnificent and mysterious universe.