About the authors

Lynette Avis

Lynette Avis is a trained artist and designer and she is a  graduate of the Central St Martin’s School of Art.  Lynette is trained in interiors, decorative paint, techniques, fashion textiles, soft furnishing, and painting and drawing.  Lynette loves colour and the ways in which we can use colour to impact our lives and health. Lynette came to a profound understanding of energy through years of poor health suffering with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis which even now is an illness that  baffles doctors as to a cure.  Forced to discover her own answers, she began researching traditional forms of medicine and found that energy healing had significant and long term health benefits.  As her health improved she felt drawn to martial arts, meditation, mediumship, Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Qi gong, and other forms of energy practice and therapy.  Lynette is now a practising Hypnotherapist and Reiki therapist.  She is also  a Reiki master teacher a teacher of psychic awareness and spirituality also.

David Brown

For over twenty-three years David has studied and taught martial arts and self-development and has dedicated his life to exploring and supporting people in realising their potential. David has Bachelor and Masters degrees in Biochemistry and began his scientific career at the University of Cambridge.  He has a number of published papers to his name.  As well as studying many eastern traditions including Zen and Tao, David has used his training and passion for neurobiology and quantum physics  to better understand how all these subjects can be used to promote personal growth, consciousness, meditation, well- being and health.  He describes subtle energy as a medium to bridge the gap between these two worlds of western science and eastern esoteric experience in a practical and accessable way.