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Nourish the Flame Within: a guide to connecting to the human soul for Reiki, martial arts and life has received excellent reviews from Kirkus, Blue Ink and Clarion book reviews.

Kirkus book Review said…In this self-help guide, debut authors Avis and Brown combine scientific research and holistic mental-health strategies to help readers connect with their inner selves….. The authors come to the subject of inner peace from many angles, combining principles of Reiki, martial arts, meditation, yoga and chakra research to create a workbook that guides rather than preaches….. The book tackles the importance of sensing and feeling “vibrations” in the environment and then launches into a study of self-connection, encouraging readers to find their real selves inside the false selves that their egos have created.

A successful, well-organized meditation guide.

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Blue Ink book Review said…This is an excellent resource for anyone interested in understanding and receiving practical instruction on how to explore and use energy to improve their lives and expand their consciousness. Not only will the flame within be nourished – it’s likely to ignite a wildfire of the soul.

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Clarion book review said…Readers are rewarded with excellent spiritual exercises and meditations interspersed with some lovely, even poetic, passages….

Lynette Avis and David Brown share ways to harness life-force energy to enhance the practice of Reiki, the martial arts, and life itself in Nourish the Flame Within, bringing passion, sincerity, and a British version of down-home charm to the task.

 About  Nourish the Flame Within.

Nourish the Flame within is a unique meditation guide that brings together explanations of subtle energy the universe, health and well-being for life  enhancement. It is a tool for better health and well-being.

Authors Lynette Avis and David Brown describe the essence of what binds the universe together and connects all the seemingly disparate things in it. They shed light on how energy is the root of all these things and how we can harness its great power and potential to create great health and vibrant lives for ourselves.

This book guides the reader to an understanding of subtle energy and the connection to the universe that we all have. It explains how humans are interactive with both energy and the universe and not separate from either.

Nourish the flame within is a tool for better health, life and personal growth through an understanding of how universal energy works. It is essentially a meditation guide but is so much more than that. Having suffered from long term poor health author Lynette Avis shares the energy experiences  that restored her back to health and vitality.

Nourish the flame within gives strategies for life and great health, through twelve beautiful meditations and a treasure trove of insights and wisdom. Nourish the flame within is a powerful blueprint for those who want to learn from the past, make the most of the present and start building the future.


Feel the Power: a first step guide to connecting to the universe.

Feel the Power is the next book. It  is a follow on from Nourish the flame within. It deals with our spiritual connection to the universe and how we can directly interact with it. It is to be published shortly.