My Introduction to Energy Therapies- Part 1

Reiki treatmentWestern science is based on the premise of an objective observer- the idea that someone can look in at an experiment from the outside, and observe what is happening without influencing or affecting the outcome. Since the double- slit experiments of the early twentieth century, the idea of the impassive experimenter has been thrown into question (Dr Quantum-Double Slit Experiment). Evidence points to the fact that the observer plays a very influential role in the experimental outcome.

Clinical Trials and the Healing Process
Clinical trials for drugs in the pharmaceutical industry are always tested against a placebo, so that effects can be compared between patients who have been administered the trial drug and those that have not. A patient is given a placebo when they think they have been given the tested drug, but have in fact been given a completely inactive substance instead. If a patient has been given a placebo and exhibits the effects of the test drug, this counts against the effectiveness of the drug, because the patient showed effects when the drug itself was not administered.

This implies that the patient has the ability to influence and affect his/ her own healing process. Humans have a highly evolved immune system and healing mechanism built into the fabric of our being. This implies that we strive endlessly towards perfect health. Western science’s focus on the chemical processes in the body means that western medicine often seeks to correct using chemicals with pharmacological properties. This often acts as a masking effect, rather than a healing effect, which does not necessarily bring the body back into balance.

For centuries, traditional Eastern forms of medicine, such as Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture and Ayurvedic medicine, have worked with energy, and used the potent substances (drugs) in natural herbs to redress energetic balance. Admittedly, that was all that was available at the time, and the developments in western medicine and science have revolutionised medical care on a global scale. In recent years, the development of energy healing practices such as Polarity therapy, Craniosacral therapy, Chiropractic therapy, Reiki, Energy medicine and Homeopathy have surged, flying in the face of many modern western scientific principles, including the idea of an objective observer. The healer is as much a part of the healing process as the patient and the drugs that are used to aid healing.

The Healing Processes and my Objective
This two-way process of working in harmony to achieve a common goal is powerful stuff. I had never realised just how powerful until quite recently. Having co-written a book about energy with Lynette Avis called “Nourish the flame within” my interest in the effects of energy on healing have been peaked. Because of my awakened interest in this area of healing and health I have sought out a number of local healers that use energy to heal. My objective was not to be healed as I enjoy good health, but rather to experience the process and have a better understanding of how the healing is administered, the theories behind the practice and to relay any observations and experiences. I have been totally transparent about my objectives with each healer, and as I was told by one “the effectiveness of the treatment is not compromised because you enjoy good health, your body will use the energy as it sees fit to bring you into greater balance and harmony.” I was intrigued!

Finding the Therapists
I am fortunate to know a number of healers who practise their art in different ways. I hope by writing these blogs that people will begin to understand better the processes and appreciate the skill involved, the care and dedication and the power of the intent to heal. I am not here to bash western medicine. I have myself benefitted many times in my life from the advances of modern science and would probably not be here without it. I do think that it is important to explore all the alternatives available to us, and so I entered into this with an open heart and mind and a sense of adventure. As these alternative/holistic forms of healing are available to us, why should we not then benefit from them if there is a benefit to be had?

Clarity and Complementation
What has become clear to me in researching for this blog series is that each practitioner brings with them their unique combination of innate talents and skills as well as a unique set of training practices. This means that no one practitioner is the same and those generic terms such as Reiki, Chiropractor or Craniosacral therapist may lead you to believe that all practitioners sharing the same therapy perform their healing in the same way. Many healers have skills in many healing arts that complement each other, broadening the healing scope of the therapist, allowing them to be of greater service. There are also many different schools of healing thought within a given field, leading to subtle differences in emphasis. As the patient, it is after all about finding the therapies and therapists that work best with you, just like any doctor.

I look forward to sharing with you my experiences and revelations. It was an interesting journey for me as my eyes and interest were opened wider still.

Read my next blog later in the month as I continue my journey of discovery of the wonders of energy therapies and share my experiences of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy.

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