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Stress Free

Stress Free

 The life of inner peace being harmonious and without stress is the easiest type of existence.

~~Norman Vincent Peale~~

A stress free life

Life How do we find a stress free life? Is this an impossible dream for us all? Is there any part of our lives that is truly stress- free? I am not so sure that there is. For is I look at our entry to life all I can see is stress. The mother is certainly stressed, the baby about to be born must be stressed for he or she is about to be thrown out of its cosy existence into a world unfamiliarity. It has spent the past nine months very cosy and warm and nourished thank you very much. So why should it want to be thrust into life at all. If we look around the delivery room there will be a few anxious midwives rushing around doing the things that mid wives do at these times of uncertainty and new delivery. Calming the parents to be the best they can and stabilising their own nerves I am sure. The very thought of that environment is stressful. Of course there is joy to follow for when the little chaps or chap-ess arrives there can be nothing but joy.  The poor little thing enters a world of stress and joy and then is slapped on the bottom for good measure.

More stress

Well this is the start of life for human beings and there is much of more of all that to follow in the years ahead. Stress and joy, to come in life and not in the same measure unfortunately. No one knows how the little new little person’s life will be. We all wish the new born the best and hope its life will be a good one. There is such hope pinned on the new born for its parents want it to be the embodiment of all of their hope and dreams.  A lot is placed on the shoulders of the new arrival. Already it has to live up to the parents expectations and it has only just arrived. No one tells the poor thing that this will be its start to life and if they did the child would probably say no thanks to life.

The start of life is not easy and it does not get any easier for as we travel through our lives and the twists and turns that it throws in our path life can sometimes be crushing for many people.

Of course not every one’s life is a crushing affair for many if not most it is an OK affair that is travelled through with a reasonable amount of dignity and grace. There are many lives and many kinds of people living those lives. All are different one from the other all have both the people and the lives. Do we make our life or does our life make us? I think that is an interesting question. In the industrialised west life is a fast paced noisy existence for all.

Life in the fast lane

As most people in industrialised  societies live their lives in the city, noise, people and stress are unavoidable. Life is fast paced and about productivity in all things. The cry of the city is fast more and more. It does not matter how fast you are you must be faster still and there is no end to the striving for an ever increasing pace in all things. I wonder to what cost this fast paced life we all must live is. For whom does it serve? Does it serve the person living this fast paced life does it truly serve society at large? I wonder this often and I am not sure I have the answer to this question. For it is true that the industrialised life we all live brings benefits to us but is that at a large price. Well time will tell of course if all of this stress will have been worth it. When I was a young child of the fifties modern medicine was the golden child of the twentieth century. It was going to eradicate disease and put all to rights. Well I am not sure that it has. It has done marvellous things of course we all are in no doubt about that. Many diseases that were the blight of the nineteenth century have almost been removed totally and that is a good thing.

Life of ease

If I look around at life I do not see this life of ease that was the promise of the twentieth century. Machines and objects were to bring us ease. The vacuum cleaner, the car, the electric lawn mower all are labour saving devices. People are as stressed and worried about life as they always were. They are still worrying about their economic position personal, national and global.

In amongst all of the financial uncertainty that we have all endured in over the past few years I see many stressed uncertain people trying to make sense of their lives life in general and what will happen to them in the future. I think rightly so, for who wants an uncertain future. Who wants to feel that they may lose their home or not be able to put food on the table?

An Interesting ride

I have seen many things come and go, mainly prime ministers and world leaders. Some have been good and some have been bad. Some have shouted for fairness equality and change and others have shouted for the status quo. All have had something to say on how life should be organised for the masses to the best effect.

Well it has been an interesting ride watching and listening I must say. However it seems to me that things do not change so much really. The same issues tax us all. We want to go about our lives unhindered in relative safety and peace. We want our basic needs met and a holiday or two on top. We all want normal things but those things come at a price. Those things come through the daily grind. The daily grind can do just that grind at you and grind you down if you let it.


So if life does not change much and we can expect the same amounts of stress what do we do? What is the trick to a stress free life? The first trick is to understand that stress is a necessary part of life.. The next is to learn to manage the stress that life throws at you. Now this is the tricky one. For how do we do that? Well what I can tell you is there are tools that you can learn to help with stress.  Things like meditation and hypnosis are good ways of managing stress. As well as breathing correctly and taking adequate sleep and rest. All help with levels of stress. The best one is to avoid stress as much as possible be walking away from stressful situations and not causing stressful encounters to be in your life. For stress causes many illnesses. It does so slowly over many years mostly. You will not notice the effects of stress on a day to day basis, but it builds up within the body slowly eating away at your health and vitality turning you into a grey shadow of your former self.  Oh how horrible!

I am sorry to paint such a picture which is not at all pleasant but neither is ill health. There are many ways to combat stress and each person must find the one that suits them the best.  Relax and do something nice and just don’t take life to heart or it may hurt your heart.


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