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Energy Systems

Just as humans have energy pathways such as meridians and chakras, so perhaps does the Earth?

Just as humans have energy pathways such as meridians and chakras, so perhaps does the Earth?

The human body has energy systems that are powered by White Light (universal electromagnetic energy). When these energy systems are unblocked, White Light can flow through them to heal, grow, maintain and sustain the body in complete health. All living beings have such energy systems that are powered by White Light. Food, water and air are necessary to fuel and nourish the material body. Yet there is an energetic body that supports the physical body and animates it. They do not work the same way and do very different jobs.

What does the science say?

There is scientific research that supports this idea from the 1930’s by Harold Burr, who showed that a salamander egg has in it an electric charge that runs across it that acts as the axis and poles to the spine and central nervous system. This determines where the head and tail of the salamander will be. This is the reference point of its development. It was also measured that there is an energetic shape inside the egg that has the form of a salamander. It is as if the energetic shape is there before the physical body is and that the energetic shape determines how the body is formed. Science does not really know how the intricacies of any body is formed. This idea of energy shapes, a shadow if you will, could be a possible way that nature uses to create physical shape.

The same research has been done on human eggs and found to be the same.   What if all living creatures had such a shadow in their infancy that expanded as they developed? Spiritual teachers tell us that the body sits inside the aura (the electromagnetic energy field of the body) and that energy field has the shape of your body. Often, ghosts and apparitions have human shape. They just lack the physical body to go with it. This energy shape existed before any of us were born, why should it not remain when we die?

What of Gaia?

If this concept has validity, can we not extend it to non- living things? Perhaps it is no coincidence that planets and stars are spherical. There are forces that determine that shape, namely gravity. But what of rocks, rivers, mountains and other natural forms? Why were these places worshipped and held sacred by ancient cultures such as pagans?

Clearly these places have an energy about them. Was it the place itself (the trees, rivers, mountains and valleys) or was it the location (where it was on the planet)? The notion that the Earth is a living thing is not new. Gaia is the name given to the ancestral mother of all life. Just as humans have energy pathways such as meridians and chakras, so perhaps does the Earth? They are known as Ley lines. Just as there are points on human meridian lines that an acupuncturist places needles in to heal you, so perhaps there are points on the Earth that are energy hot spots. In theory, the energy was there at that location before the physical and living features were. Perhaps it is the energy that creates the template for the physical manifestation of the spring, the mountain, the river etc. Yes, physical processes must take place to create them. It is the energetic template or shadow that leads to that creation. Perhaps ancient cultures built Stone Circles in places where these hot spots are to feel more connected to and honour these high energy places on the Earth. They knew they could be nurtured by them and understood that they should be cared for and nurtured to keep the planet healthy and so protect their own lives too.

One of the people I interviewed for my book, Back to our Future, called the Ka’ aba in Mecca, the belly button of the world and that is why it is such a holy place and why people came to the Ka’aba on pilgrimage. There is an energy there that people want to connect to. It brings them closer to God, nature and the Universal Energy. Just as White Light enters and powers your body and comes in through the chakras, so too it may be true for the Earth. Like the human body with its many access points and hot spots, the Earth has many too. The pagans knew they had to care for these things to sustain the health of the planet which was connected to their own survival. Modern man has very little consideration in this regard and so preys on the planet without regard for these holy places. All seems to be fair in material gain and profit.

What of indigenous wisdom?

American Indians, Aborigines and South American Indians see themselves as custodians of the Earth and live in intimate connection to it as part of their traditional and ancient culture. This connection is the source of their health, wealth, well- being and sense of place in the order of things. They understand that all living things play an important, intimate and powerful role in the continuation of the Whole. The thing that binds it all up is White Light. It is the energy that flows through everything. It is the foundation of life, place and balance that we as a species needs to become more sensitive to and knowledgeable about if we are to survive and live in peaceful harmony with the planet, within humanity and within our selves.

Over to you

We’d love to hear from you and learn about your thoughts on White Light and the other topics we have discussed on this blog.  Please leave your comments in the box below and share your ideas and experiences of White Light.

Energy Therapy- Reflexology (Part 4)

Reflexology dates back to Ancient Egypt, India and China ad was introduced to the West in 20th century.

Reflexology dates back to Ancient Egypt, India and China ad was introduced to the West in 20th century.

A brief history of Reflexology

According to the Association of Reflexology website, “Whilst the art of reflexology dates back to Ancient Egypt, India and China, this therapy was not introduced to the West until Dr William Fitzgerald developed ‘Zone therapy’. He believed that reflex areas on the feet and hands were linked to other areas and organs of the body within the same zone.

In the 1930’s, Eunice Ingham further developed this zone theory into what is known as reflexology. Her opinion was that congestion or tension in any part of the foot is mirrored in the corresponding part of the body.”

The Theory of Reflexology

There are different schools of thought as to how manipulating the feet and hands can affect the wellness of the rest of the body.  One idea is that the nerve endings in the feet and hands are connected to particular organs and regions of the body.  Stimulating these nerves through massage can have a balancing effect on the organs or glands to which they are connected. Meridians are another way in which the feet and hands are connected to other parts of the body.  These are lines that run through the body along which Chi (the universal energy force) flows.  In Taoist tradition the belief is that free- flowing, unblocked Chi means the body is balanced and healthy physically, mentally and spiritually.

The truth is probably a mixture of these schools of thought.  Because nerve endings and meridians terminate in the hands and feet, a reflexologist is stimulating both nerve endings and meridians and affecting and influencing both. Perhaps the school you ascribe to depends on the belief system with which you feel most comfortable?  Personally I am happy with both the western, medicine based explanation of nerve endings and the eastern, Taoist theory of meridians.

Either way, Reflexology theory states that applying pressure to certain points on the hands or feet affects the energy flow of the body in some way.  The role of the practitioner is not to cure, diagnose or prescribe, but rather to help the body to restore its balance naturally.  That is why the practitioner takes a holistic view of the client’s health and tailors each treatment to the client’s individual needs, taking into account both physical and non-physical factors that might be affecting their wellbeing.

My Reflexology practitioner, Natasha Sharpin, works from The Salus Wellness Clinic in Cambridge, UK, a treatment centre for many complementary therapists near the city centre.

My Reflexology Session

The session started with some basic questions about health and personal details.  As I answered, Natasha took notes.  I began to relax as the soft music playing on the iPod and the calming environment began to take its hold.  This seemed to coincide with more probing questions about diet, overall well- being and even dreams that I have.  Although Natasha knew that I was in her treatment room to be able to write a piece for our blog, she asked to come to the session with an issue that I would like help in resolving.  I have always suffered from tension in the neck, shoulders and stomach areas and wondered if Reflexology could help.

Once Natasha was satisfied that I had painted a picture of my general state, she asked me to go over to the treatment chair.  Through a series of slow electrically driven movements, the chair moves you from a vertical position to a near- horizontal pose that is extremely relaxing and makes it easier for the Reflexologist to work with your feet.  Natasha offered me a blanket to keep me warm as I was going to be still for about 45 minutes.  I was fully clothed save for my shoes and socks.  Firstly, Natasha cleaned my feet with an alcohol-free swab and then she began looking and studying my feet!  She started telling me things about my body that I had not mentioned in the earlier part of the session, in particular the tension in my neck and shoulders and in my right hip.  I was intrigued and surprised that so much information could be gleaned from the feet!

The next part of the treatment was the foot work. It was very relaxing and at times surprisingly painful (in that way that you feel it is really doing you good).  For the first few minutes Natasha slowly and precisely manipulated my feet, as she instructed me to breathe in long, slow breaths to aid relaxation.  As the session progressed, the thumb pressure went into some really tender places that corresponded to the areas of tension in my body.  Above and beyond the wonderful sensation of having my feet massaged and the relaxing feeling it left my body in, I felt more aware of the stresses and strains I put my feet under and how this may have an impact on my body as a whole, as well as the reverse effect.  The fact that the effects of stresses that the body is under manifests in the feet should not really be a surprise, as we are fully integrated beings influenced and effected in many subtle and intricate ways.

After the massage session, Natasha and I briefly discussed some of the things I could do to support the benefits of the session in my own time.  These included using a hand reflex point in the heel of the hand below the thumb that stimulates the reflex point to the adrenals leading to reduced stress.  Using strategies of stress relief and tension release have a holistic effect on the body, the perfect complement to the Reflexology session.


I found the Reflexology session with Natasha very beneficial.  During the session and after I felt much of the tension in my body significantly reduced and so better able to manage the stress I feel. Although it would be better to have regular sessions to support the body in reaching balance and harmony, as is the case with most health issues, it is not necessarily practical financially or with respect to our busy schedules.  However, being given tips about how to manage my own stress and tension using reflexology means that I am empowered to take control and responsibility for my own health. With that said I did book in for a few weeks later.

Stress and tension are both major contributors to illness.  It stands to reason that learning effective ways to manage one’s stress levels is really important for long term health and well- being.  Rather than reaching for a cigarette, a pint of beer or a glass of wine or even popping pills when we feel stressed, would it not be better for our overall health to learn simple techniques to relax and calm the mind and body? Accessible tricks like the one’s I learned in my Reflexology session really help me manage stress, as well as meditation, going for a walk in the countryside, playing music or doing exercise.  All these things are free or very cheap.  Certainly cheaper than cigarettes and some alcohols and better for you in the long- term.

My Family recently had a health scare.  We have a history of high cholesterol and my brother was recently fitted with stents to keep open some of the arteries leading to his heart.  He had a suspected heart attack and collapsed in his late 50s.  He is well now and learning to manage his diet better to reduce his cholesterol and so reduce the likelihood of a repeat event.  Naturally this shocked me and I felt motivated to look at my diet and life style and see where changes could be made to reduce my own risk of illness related to high cholesterol.

I was staggered at how poor my health was compared to what I imagined.  I was much more over-weight than I imagined, I had high blood pressure and I had high cholesterol levels.  These things had risen so slowly I did not realise my health was in danger.  My brother’s heart attack was the wake-up call I needed.  In six months I had reduced all these symptoms to much healthier levels and I felt so much better for it.  Almost two years later I am still following a healthier life-style, based on a good understanding of my diet, the effect certain foods have on me, exercise as well as ways to manage the stresses I face during my life.

I think therapies such as Reflexology are powerful tools to help manage stress and the symptoms of stress.

Reflexology works better for us if we are prepared to make the necessary health changes as well.  Perhaps the inevitable consequences of aging are not so inevitable after all, if we take control of our life-style early in life and reduce the stress and tension that can lead to age related ailments later in life.  I for one believe in this self- responsibility and I am happy to use Reflexology as a means to help me manage my health and well-being more effectively.  I am looking forward to my next session.



My thanks go to Natasha Sharpin, founder of Reflex- aaah, who kindly gave me a Reflexology session and taught me so much about Reflexology.  Natasha’s details can be found at www.reflex-aaah.co.uk and www.salus-wellness.com.

Subtle Energy and Health

Energy flows along pathways. These paths occur naturally. For example, air pressure differences create wind. Gravity attracts objects, spins planets and moves them through the universe. Chemical pathways move energy through the process of transformation and change. Thoughts move energy along nerve fibres within the central and peripheral nervous systems. Pathways of colour, sound and heat abound in nature. These energy pathways and many others create a network of inter- related systems that bind the universe together- the energy systems of the human body are important not only because they create and sustain life but also because they contribute to the energy systems of the planet that in turn interact with the energy of the solar system in an ever expanding, increasingly complex and inter- related universe.

The fact that these systems are inter- related is important because it means we are not isolated. Our existence is dependent upon others. Genetic streams of energy combine from our parents to create a unique individual that has unique experiences and perceptions of the world. We breathe and take in food and water, all of which has been recycled from elsewhere throughout time. Many of the elements in our bodies can only be created in the super- heat of stars, which means that they have been destroyed and their energy reintegrated into a planet and everything upon that planet.

For us to remain physically and mentally healthy exchange through these energy pathways is essential. Food is a well recognised pathway of energy that we partake in 3- 5 times a day. We recognise that the quality of the food we eat is important for health and is a valuable source of fuel for us in our daily lives. The human body uses up a phenomenal amount of energy in everyday activities- thinking, moving, maintenance and repair, digestion, monitoring the balance of chemicals in the body (homeostasis) and the immune system. For all of this to work correctly and in concert, energy needs to flow throughout the body freely.

Fields of energy created by the accumulation of atoms to create the cells of organs and systems, interact with each other to maintain balance and equilibrium in the body. If there are blockages in the pathways through which the energy flows, the body becomes out of balance over time and we may need to go to an acupuncturist, chiropractor, herbalist, cranio- sacral therapist and other types of healers to redress the balance.

As well as that, we can look at our body as a whole energy system- more like a battery. These cells, organs and systems draw their energy from the whole. Just as the Earth draws its energy from the sun, so the body draws its energy from the environment around it. Just as energy flows within the planet so energy flows through the body. Extinguish the sun, the planet slowly dies. Isolate the body from the environment, or more literally reduce or prevent the energy interacting with the body, and the body slowly reduces in health and eventually dies. This manifests itself in everyday life as sustained stress, poor working and living environments, poor quality of food, lack of exercise as well as a lack of meaning and purpose in people’s lives.

The human body, just like an electrical appliance, needs power so that it can work effectively and efficiently. Built into all living things is a means to draw power from the naturally- occurring universal energy grid that recharges the battery and so gives the body the energy it needs to work optimally. Life naturally drains this battery- as I said living is a very energy- hungry activity. Because energy flows, it is right that the battery be drained, but it does need to be recharged. If it is not, symptoms of poor health manifest in subtle ways to begin with, that become pronounced the more depleted we become and the more out of balance we are.

So, how do we recharge this battery? The process is a naturally occurring one and may take place without us realising that it is happening. If we choose to consciously recharge our battery, there are things we can do that will promote better health, well- being and vitality. It requires us to consciously connect to the energy all around us- if we do so through meditation, we may imagine drawing energy into the body either from above or from below and linking the seven chakra points, energising them and so revitalising the body; if we use Reiki, we become attuned to the universal healing force that floods the body with energy; we may choose to do it through loving and nurturing relationships and acts of kindness; we may invest in activities for which we are passionate, surrounding ourselves with people with whom we can have passionate conversations about things we are passionate about. The list is almost endless, but there is one fundamental thing that links them all- we connect to the energy around us and allow it to fuel us, empower us and in turn we empower and fuel the world around us. In short, we partake in the energy recycling process that occurs naturally throughout the universe, making us active participants in our own lives and the lives of others- the way existence is meant to be.


To stay in a place of peace and harmony keeps the chakras in good health.

To stay in a place of peace and harmony keeps the chakras in good health.

Why is peace important to our health?

Who doesn’t want peace?  21st of September 2014 is peace day. This is a day of getting as many people as possible in the world to commit to peace, both globally and within their own lives and families. The day asks who you will make peace with. There are many people who have been in my life that I feel I could make peace with. Past hurts and past mistakes haunt us all I am sure, or at least some of us at some point in our lives.

The most important person to make peace with may be our selves. We can send peace to others and hope that they will accept it, but whether they do or not is up to them. The only person that each of us has any real control over is ourselves. Past hurts can live with us a long time and they can be very negatively impactful on our emotions and in turn our physical health. Holistic healers believe that all ill health starts with unsettled emotions. It is the stresses and strains of daily life that take their toll on us eventually. Each person has his or her own tolerance level to the negative things that may befall them within life. We all may have some hurt or difficulty along the way in life. We all have different experiences though we will share many of them as similar experiences and deal with them in our individual manner. What one person will brush off as nothing another will find negatively impactful and will suffer in some way as a result.

If there is any truth in the belief that stressed emotions are the root cause of much ill health then it would also follow that it is best to keep oneself in a state of peace and calm for as much of our time as possible. We are all human and we will react to all situations with some degree of emotion. Life itself is about interacting with life, and we will react to those interactions in many ways.  It would not be right to do otherwise because that is part of our humanity. However to allow oneself to be extremely stressed for a great deal of the time can only be harmful to us in the long run. If we are unduly stressed for a great deal of time that will also impact on other people that interact with us. That will tax them and their emotions as well as ours as they interact with us. In turn as they become stressed with our stress they will send that stress back in our direction and so we have a circle of stress and a downward spiral of ill health in many people.

What role do the chakras play in our peace?

Chakras are said to be spinning wheels of energy and when they are spinning in the correct way, to a correct intensity and direction they are in alignment with each other and the person. It is said and thought by holistic healers that to be well and healthy the chakras must be balanced correctly. There are many ways of balancing the chakras. We can balance the chakras with sound, colour, Reiki energy, crystal energy and even symbols amongst other things. Each chakra has a purpose. That purpose is integral to the well-being of the body.  They are points of activity within our bodies. Our mind is a place of mental activity and spiritual connection. Our thoughts are a powerful thing. They are a tool that will work for us or against us. If we change our thoughts we change our reactions to a given situation and in turn our emotions will change. So there is a connection with our crown chakra and our heart chakra. If we have negative thoughts they will impact our heart chakra as that is where our emotions lay. Once we have one or two chakras out of alignment the others will follow to a greater or lesser degree as they will try to compensate for the misalignment. So in time all chakras will suffer and be to a greater or lesser degree out of balance.

To stay in a place of peace and harmony keeps the chakras in good health. To be happy, breezy and peaceful will have a positive impact on the body as the chakras will be more likely to stay in alignment.

What are the chakra points?

We have seven major chakra points within our body that are spinning wheels of energy. They run in a line from the base of the spine to the top of the head.  We have many chakra points within our bodies. We have major chakra points and minor ones also. The seven major chakra points are the most important ones within our bodies. Each chakra point has its own location and job to do within the body. They are locations of energy activity. To be honest our whole body is a location of energy activity. Everyone’s body functions by means of energy. The body is energy interacting with energy. The chakras are just small portions of that larger energy reality and function of our body.

The base chakra is located at the base of the spine.

The sacral chakra is located at the position just under the tummy button or the lower tummy area.

The solar plexus is the area just at the upper tummy under the bust.

The heart is located at the heart area.

The throat is at the front neck area at the throat itself.

The third eye is located in the middle of the forehead.

The crown is located on the very top of the head.

The chakras are positions within the body of intense energy activity, this activity is our thinking and spiritual connection, imagination and seeing of pictures, speech, feeling, connection to the world and other people, procreation, and connection to the earth. That breaks it down to its absolute basic. All of these parts of our body are different and have different functions. To me it really does not matter if the reality is or is not that they are spinning wheels of energy. The fact is they are locations within the body and each has a function. These functions are integral to our health and well- being physically and emotionally. So to keep these parts of our body well and healthy is a must. It is a matter of keeping our thoughts, emotions and actions in check for balance. Peace both within the person and outside of the person brings harmony and in turn balanced health.

“Best wishes from Lynette as you continue to peacefully nourish the flame within.”



Life is an energetic encounter. Energy is everywhere and every moment of the day we encounter energy. We are energy interacting with energy. It is not usual for most of us to think of ourselves or our lives in this way. Einstein’s famous equation E=mc2 tells us that all matter and the means by which matter interacts are all manifestations of energy. Everything is energy of one sort or another sort and we all feel energy.

We make sense of our external world by means of our senses. Our senses are filtering and assessing information that comes in our direction. The light from the world around us enters our eyes, and that information touches the retina and is relayed to the brain.  This information is then interpreted by the brain.  Sound waves enter the ear and are converted into electrical signals that travel along the auditory nerve to the brain.  This information is also interpreted by the brain. Our sense of touch will give us information on texture heat, type of material and general quality and much more of any object. We are energy and any given object is energy and when we touch something or something touches us it is nothing but an encounter of two energy types interacting. It does not matter whether that touch is physical or emotional it is all energy interacting in one way or the other with energy. All encounters are nothing but one energy type making sense of the other or one giving or exchanging information with the other.  The bottom line is energy interacts with energy. There are waves of many kinds interacting with us all of the time. We are constantly receiving electromagnetic waves such as TV signals and radio signals.

There is a subtle, naturally occurring electromagnetic energy that exists both inside and outside of ourselves that we interact with. This energy is called Chi, Ki, Prana and Psychic energy. It is all the same thing just known by different names. We can feel this energy and we can draw this energy into our body at will. Our body will draw this subtle energy in all of the time sub-consciously and we can do so consciously at will also. This energy is not entirely understood but it is known to be in existence and we know it impacts the body.

Gary Schwartz in the book “The Energy Healing Experiments,” explains that he did experiments with many people as he wanted to know if we all feel energy. The results of those experiments show that we all feel energy even if we think we do or not. In his experiments he had people that were blindfolded exposed to the energy of another person first on one hand and then on the other hand randomly. The experiments showed that we all feel energy and we all have an idea of where and when we are feeling that energy to some degree. Some people are supersensitive to it and other people are less sensitive to it. However we all feel it and it impacts our physical health and well-being.


What is energy manipulation?

We can all manipulate this energy. We do so subconsciously without knowing we do for the most part. We continually interact with subtle energy all of the time. There are many holistic healing methods that stimulate the subtle energy system. Reiki, acupuncture and cranial sacral therapy all employ various methods to stimulate the subtle energy system to bring about health and well-being within the person.

Subtle energy has many uses. It can help to heal the body and the emotions it can also help us to activate the chakra points on the body. By stimulating or activating the chakra points we can keep our body in balance and harmony thus aiding well-being of the emotions and the body in general. This is what the meditations seek to achieve in “Nourish the Flame Within”.  Awareness of energy in the chakra areas builds our relationship with energy within the body.  By placing our awareness on particular chakra points, we can influence the flow of energy within the body, leading to interaction with the world around us as well as within us.  We can also flood the body with subtle energy using Reiki therapy. By flooding the body in this way with subtle energy we saturate the body allowing it to take what it needs and expel what it has no use for. Thus the Reiki therapist does not need to know where the problem lays within the body just that there is a problem and by giving the body an abundance of what it needs it will be more able to find its own balance in a short time.

We can also flood the body with energy by doing certain physical exercises. The practice of Chi Kung and martial arts for example that have been done by eastern people such as the Chinese for many centuries exploit this knowledge. Within this practice exercises are done in sequences for the most part to stimulate the subtle energy to flow along the meridian lines of the body. The meridian lines are energy pathways through the body by which it is believed that the subtle energy flows.

As well as exercises and therapy we can also make energy move by using our will or our minds. This takes a little practice and belief and understanding of the reality of this ability that is within us all.  Once the person accepts this as a truth they will be willing to put in the small amount of practice to enable them to feel this energy consciously and make it move.


What are the steps for creating energy?

We cannot create energy nor destroy it; we can simply alter the form it takes. Everything within the universe (and that includes everything on the earth) is energy. However we can have an influence on the energy flow. For energy to flow anywhere the correct conditions must be in place. There must be a free pathway for the energy to flow into. This is true of all energy not just subtle energy. We can harness subtle energy and manipulate it by various methods. As I said earlier various therapy methods and exercise practices will enable the energy to flow freely and in abundance for good health and well-being. The bottom line is for free flow of energy throughout the body one has to either flood the body or manipulate the body or the energy system in some way to make it move. The ideal state with regards to energy flow within the body is free flow and movement of energy.

“Best wishes from Lynette as you continue to nourish the flame within with energy.”