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Paris Atrocities

ThinkstockPhotos-497189328At the time of the recent atrocities in Paris on November 13 2015, I was assisting on a training week. The participants of the training week and I spent part of the Saturday morning analysing the emotions that came up for the participants. We found that as well as the usual feelings of anger, hopelessness, powerlessness and despair, the events also brought up within us feelings of compassion and ideas about the power of human connection. I think that for there to be acts of kindness, humanity and compassion, there needs to be a connection to one’s heart. Being totally connected to one’s own heart facilitates connection to the hearts of other people.


When we are truly connected through our hearts one to another, there is no way acts like those of 9/11 or November 13th 2015 in Paris can ever happen as the connectivity one to the other and true love of humanity does not allow for it. Heart energy plays a huge role in compassion. To freeze the heart is to stem the flow of life giving energy that keeps the body healthy, and the person whole and connected.


Acts of terrorism come from frozen hearts. No one is born with a frozen heart and so it has to be gained over time. We have to ask ourselves what brings a person to this frozen place of a cold heart? How does it happen? With each person who gains a frozen heart the world becomes a progressively colder place.


We cannot let this happen!


We have to ask ourselves what will this do to our personal lives and health or the health of the planet if we allow the progression of an ever colder and disconnected humanity.


Opening our hearts and freeing its free flow of loving energy is essential. Free flow of loving energy is how we will heal the world. Not by bombing each other and blowing each other up. Negative or positive energy flow goes deeper than global issues. This goes to the core of our being and our humanity. I believe in the power of energy. It is a non-emotional force without morality or ethics. We give it those labels. What energy has is vibration, specific signatures that attracts more of the same. War breeds war. Hate insights hate. There is much fear in the world and the only thing that will combat it is a concerted effort towards love which resides in the energy of the heart.


This is my personal call to you to you to ask you to do one thing every day that may scare you! I am asking you to love in the face of fear and hate. Together let us halt the tide of fear and hate. This current situation of increasing hate that is growing on both sides may seem hopeless, and you may feel powerless.


Yet I promise you this: if we fail to connect to our hearts and allow the energy of the heart and love to flow there, there will be nothing to counter the growing momentum of fear and hatred in the world.


In our book Nourish the Flame Within, we talk at length about such themes of love and hate and there are meditations that connect you to your heart energy. By working on drawing energy into your body from above, you can power up the energy in your heart. Your heart is the place of emotion and your connection to others.  A healthy heart on all levels will ensure our connection to each other.


On my training weekend of which I spoke I opened my heart to the pain people must be feeling around the world with regards to the current situation of separation and hate that is playing out in terrorist atrocities. Normally I would not publically comment on these political acts but this time I felt compelled to do so.


We must all dig deep as the growing tide of anger takes us forward. We must all examine the condition of our own hearts and our position on humanity. For this situation will get worse before it gets better and each of us must make sure we stand on the side of good. Love, kindness and human connection is the only true good, for anything less than that must surely be negative and therefore wrong as negativity breeds negativity. None of us can ensure anyone but ourselves stays true to love and humanity. So let’s start with ourselves and see how the wave we create can change this terribly negative situation to one of love, human connection and hope!

Frankenstein’s Monster Brought to Life.


Frankenstein’s Monster had no soul.

Many of us have heard of the Novel by Mary shelly, called Frankenstein. The story is of a Scientist who is obsessed with bringing the dead back to life and experimented with bringing a corpse back to life by giving doses of electricity. It is said that this idea was based on a real doctor who was obsessed with the idea of reanimation of life. He is said to have done experiments on dead bodies as Frankenstein did. This idea of re animation of the dead has persisted for a very long time. Even Egyptian mythology talks of reanimation of the dead. The story of Seth and Osiris is one of murder and reanimation of life. Osiris, King of Egypt, was killed by his brother Seth, who takes the throne and is later brought back to life by his wife Isis.Mary Wollstonecraft- Godwin, later Shelly, (1797-1851), as a young woman of sixteen ran off to Europe with the poet Percy Bysshe Shelly in 1816 and they spent the summer with Lord Byron and his personal physician Dr John Polidory. To pass the time during the summer they told ghost stories to each other. It was during this time that Lord Byron suggested that they all write a ghost story of their own. When Mary was eighteen she completed the assignment and was the only one to do so. The story Frankenstein has been hailed as a masterpiece and a work of genius and one of the first science fiction novels. It has been said that Mary Shelly based the idea on a scientist that lived at that time called Dr Victor Frankenstein.

I have not read the book but only know the story by films. However, the basis of the story is that a mad scientist wants to create life. Nothing new or surprising there I think. This scientist decided to use dead body parts and sews them together and tries to animate the patch work corpse with electricity. He succeeds in making a living monster that goes on to all kinds of mischief scaring people. The real Dr Frankenstein also did experiments with electricity and body parts in the hope of animating them.

If we put electricity into a corpse it does not come back to life. The line of thinking that acknowledges electricity as a catalyst for life, and that the human life is the body of the person assumes a great deal. The assumption is that there is nothing else but the physical body and that is the person.

As a holistic therapist my understanding is that the body does need electricity to function, as it needs many other things also. It needs electricity and magnetism in combination to facilitate life and health. Holistic therapy gives great store to electromagnetic energy within the body and its correct functioning through the body. Holistic therapy believes electromagnetic energy is of great importance to the well-being of life. So it may be reasonable to suppose that if we introduce both elements to a corpse we might restore life. Holistic therapy believes that electromagnetic energy feeds the body cells and without it the breaking down process of the body begins. At death with the cessation of blood flow there is cessation of electro-magnetic energy also. I cannot say if one is connected to the other directly but there may well be some sort of interplay with both.

I do not know if anyone has tried to reanimate a corpse with the combination of electrical energy and magnetism combined or not. I feel this must have been tried by someone. If so if it had worked we would all know about it. So it is reasonable to suppose it does not. So if electricity does not reanimate the dead body and electro-magnetic energy will not either then what will?

I think that the answer is nothing will. I think there is nothing that exists on the earth that will reanimate the dead body into life. I think this is because the body is not life itself. It is a part of the story and not the whole story. Holistic therapy treats the whole person. What is the whole person? The whole person is considered to be a combination of the physical body, the mental capacity of the person, the emotional capacity of the person, the energetic layer of the person and the most important one of all, the soul of the person. We see the physical body with our eyes and we know it is there. We don’t see the other parts of the person as a solid mass that is visible to the eye. Holistic therapy sees the person in layers and each layer goes to make the whole. Much like if we look at the physical body it is made of separate elements that make the whole. So too the whole person has separate layers or elements.

Shortly after the death of the physical body, the soul leaves the body. Many medics, mortuary attendants and those involved in the preparation of the dead body for burial will tell you, if pressed, that they sometimes see this leave the body. It has traditionally been the practise of many Nurses and people in general to leave a window open after death to allow the free passage of the soul out of the building. This is an old practise that is still observed by many even today.

Without the soul there is not life, because the soul is life. It is the most important part of the living life form. Life is the soul of the living thing. Life is not the body of the living thing as the body is the vessel by which the living thing is housed for the purpose of living in this existence on the earth.

If there is an attempt to reanimate the body without the soul present it is my belief that it will not be possible. The reason is because we are missing the life itself. We have the vessel but not the person or the life present. The soul has moved out of the body and moved on. We know that when a person dies on the operating table they can be seemingly dead for some time and life can be brought back to their body often without ill effect as long as it is done in a timely manner. At the passing of life the body begins the breaking down process. When the heart stops pumping the body starts the process of deterioration. The electro-magnetic energy also stops entering and traveling around the body another factor leading to the deterioration of the physical body. This part takes time as the cells are said to harden slightly as electro- magnetic energy ceases.

So for a brief time conditions still exist for the physical body to live successfully if animation is swift. Maybe when a person is reanimated after death on an operating table or such like it is because the soul is still present and has not yet moved out of the physical body. All of the correct conditions still exist for a brief time. The soul is still present. The heart has only just stopped and at this time the brain is still intact and not yet damaged by lack of oxygen .The electro- magnetic energy system has just stopped with the cessation of the heart pumping and the breakdown of the body has not yet begun in earnest. So we can revive the person by electrical stimulation and all should be well. So in these optimal conditions it is possible to reanimate the body and life itself.

So if my thoughts on the matter have any credence, Dr Frankenstein’s experiments were always doomed to failure. He made his job impossible. He took body parts and he should have taken a whole and undamaged body to start with and tried the application of electricity to the heart as immediately after death as was possible. He also should have understood that the soul must be present and that sometimes it moves on out of the body and that is as it should be. Life is more than the physical body.

Life on Life’s Terms

Sometimes you lead, sometimes life leads- this is the balance to the dance of life

Sometimes you lead, sometimes life leads- this is the balance to the dance of life

Many of us wish to live life on our terms.  We like to feel we are in control and that we are calling the shots.  Life experience tells me this may not be the only way to live.  Like all things in life, nothing ever flows one way.  Even a river has sections where the water flows up- stream and eddies swirl.  Our relationship with life is a two- way process.  It is not just about what you want, for there are terms and conditions to the life you have and the life you want.  In life, to have “X” you also have to have “Y”, the two go hand in hand.  It is the law of balance.  It is the law of the universe.

You start by stating your intention, and then the universe starts to work to make that intention a reality.  So what does that actually mean?

Well, experience tells me that growth is required. If you are to enter this new phase in your life you have to grow to allow it to happen.  If you want to earn more money, you have to grow to be able to earn that money.  If you want to attract different people into your life you have to grow and explore new areas of life and yourself.  Then the choice is back to you.  Will you grow in that direction?  Will you face the challenge?  If so the balance equation begins to shift and the balance in your life changes.

Life’s demands mean that you live on life’s terms, which has always been the way.  Life on your terms gives the illusion of security and certainty.  Life on life’s terms gives the impression that you are not in control.  I would say that both views are an illusion.  In truth it is a dance.  You and life choreograph the life dance together and so you must learn to trust.

You must trust yourself for there are times when you must lead.  And you must learn to trust life, for sometimes life will lead and you must trust that life has your best interests at heart.  Otherwise you will resist and the dance becomes a tense and stressful thing.

We all go through periods when we struggle to trust.  You feel alone and isolated which is a separation you have created.  You have stepped away from life.  Life continues to dance with or without its partner, tempting you in, encouraging you to step back in and embrace the most beautiful dance partner you could possibly imagine.  So dance with life, my friend, enjoy its beauty and flow and challenging steps.

And when your trust is complete you will know that there is a support network around you to guide and protect you, just like the bird that trusts there will be air beneath its wing or the new born trusts there will be milk from its mother.  The universe will provide all that you need, just not necessarily what you were expecting…… but that is a whole other topic!

The Power of the Crowd

The Power of the Crowd creates an atmosphere all its own

The Power of the Crowd creates an atmosphere all its own

What an incredible summer of sport 2014 has been.  The World Cup in Brazil, Wimbolden and The Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.  The highs and lows, the passion and excitement and the power that the spectators feel as they become drawn into the competition as the event unfolds.  Nowhere was this talked about more than during the athletics at the London Olympic Games in 2012, when all the members of Team GB spoke about the power of the crowd cheering them on towards unprecedented success, particularly during Super Saturday, August 4th, when Jess Ennis, Greg Rutherford and Mo Farah all got Gold Medals.

So what is this power of the crowd?  How is it that so many people can be drawn into such excitement, that can help raise the performance of the athletes themselves?  It does not just affect the people at the venue, but also the folk watching on TV, even around the globe.

Fascinating research at The Global Consciousness Project (http://noosphere.princeton.edu/) may have the answer.  Based at The Institute of Noetic Sciences at Princeton, it studies the effects of group dynamics on random number generators (RNGs).  Put simply, these RNGs flip coins thousands of times a second and store the results- either heads or tails.  Left alone and over many repetitions these RNGs will produce a ratio of 50- 50 (half heads and half tails).  But this random behaviour can be affected by people thinking more about heads or tails.

The research started with individuals, but later they tried it with small groups of people, and found that those groups who shared bonds, such as couples, siblings and long- term friends, influenced the machines more dramatically than those that did not share those bonds or individuals.  Over many years, the project has found significant effects on RNGs by groups of people who are in some way in synchrony and therefore powerfully connected through their conscious attention.  What brings about this synchronous behaviour can range from local effects at opera and classical music events, to global effects seen at the OJ Simpson trial and Lady Diana Spencer’s funeral.  It appears to suggest that humans have the ability to synchronise and increase the effect of their collective focus.

Perhaps that is what happens at some incredible sporting events such as Super Saturday.  Certainly there was a collective excitement at The Wimbolden Men’s Final in 2014 that may have helped to spur the players on to greater endurance and performance.

Science tells us there are fields of energy that we can tap into.  As a result, we can be influenced by these fields and in turn can affect them.  It is a two- way process that means our presence has an impact on the environments we are in.  It is a complex interaction, but what is clear is that it can become very potent when people are thinking in a synchronous manner.  In negative situations, perhaps this collective affect has been shown in Nazi Germany in the 1930s and 1940s and in Rwanda in the 1990s.  In sport, this affect often shows itself in a very positive light, bringing out the best of people, not just in their sporting performance, but in their behaviour and good will towards their fellow men.  The power of the mind is great and the power of the collective mind appears to be greater still.

The Beauty of Hiking in Nature

The dark wood gave way to a field of wheat that was bathed in bright sunlight.  It looked like shimmering liquid gold!

The dark wood gave way to a field of wheat that was bathed in bright sunlight. It looked like shimmering liquid gold!

I love to go hiking. I like to take cycle rides on the open road. I enjoy SCUBA diving. Like many people, I enjoy the social aspect of these activities, chatting about common experiences and talking to like- minded people. The meet- ups in the pub to organise events, the camaraderie and team spirit of setting an objective, supporting and encouraging each other during the event and achieving the goal are all great fun. There is a sense of achievement at the end, that tired feeling after all that work when you feel you really deserve that hearty meal, the cold beer or cool drink, the mug of tea or coffee with a slice of cake or just a well- earned rest.

Dramatic Contrast
There has always been another side to these activities that keeps me going back for more throughout my life. That is the connection to nature. It is so fantastic, thrilling in fact to be surrounded by the power of nature. I was once preparing for a trekking trip in Nepal with my father and a group of us were striding out in the Chiltons (an expansive, hilly area between London and Oxford in England). We were following a path up a hill in dense woodland that opened out into fields. The group walked on, but I had to stop and take in the glorious view. The contrast was so dramatic. The dark wood gave way to a field of wheat that was bathed in bright sunlight. It looked like shimmering liquid gold! This event happened twenty years ago, and it stays with me in vivid detail. That is how profound an effect it had on me. Not a single member of the group recognised this moment, given freely by nature, to be enjoyed by anyone open to seeing her gifts.

Dead Mans Fingers
I have had many such moments, and they always rekindle my spirit, that inner flame. Another wonderful example was wreck diving on the south coast of England. I was doing some survey work near Southampton where a lot of Mullbery Harbours were sunk during World War II. They have steep concrete sides. As I sat at the foot of one of these sheer surfaces, I looked up and saw a vertical field of ghostly white “Dead Man’s Fingers”  illuminated in dappled sunlight. It was such an incredible sight shared with my diving buddy that connected us beyond words.

Nature Provides
In this age of digital technology and high definition, these beautiful sights can be brought to you on your TV, tablet, mobile or computer screen in stunning detail. But I think that part of the wonder is the effort you have to go to in order to see these things. You may not set out to have those experiences, but nature provides the spectacles, you just have to be there to see and experience it.

Little Moments that Nourish
As we continue to promote our first book “Nourish the Flame Within” and write our second, “Feel the Power”, I realise more and more that the energy in nature that nurtures the spirit is on tap during every day experiences. As I write this I can see a tree swaying so gracefully in the summer breeze outside my window and I can hear the birds chirping away. It warms me from within, makes me feel alive. I feel connected, I feel content. There can be so much more to a walk, or a bike ride or simply a glimpse out of the window if we strive to see the little moments that nourish the flame within and feel the power all around us.

The Universal Life Orchestra

A Jazz band improvises just as Nature does, connecting to a greater force that speaks to all, coordinating and creating perfection in that moment

A Jazz band improvises just as Nature does, connecting to a greater force that speaks to all, coordinating and creating perfection in that moment

Silence……. and suddenly the orchestra erupts into life.  The sound is created through the harmony of many parts, each musician working individually but flowing together to create a stunning whole.  As each individual instrument changes, the others shift in harmony with it, so that perfection is maintained and the beauty sustained.

What a skill to create such a thing!  What talent to play it, conduct it, compose it and manage the ebb and flow of perhaps fifty or sixty individual parts.  Every musician has trained hard over many years to cultivate and nurture their talents and has created beauty and perfection in their own right.  Now, under the organising influence of the conductor and the composer, these musicians work in concert to perform a harmonious whole that is greater than the sum of the parts.

This is no different to the artist painting hundreds of colours onto canvas or a choreographer directing dancers in a company- there is the individual and there is the group.  There are the parts, and there is the organising force that brings these parts together to create a working whole.

This phenomenon is seen throughout nature.  Each of us, for example, is a group of trillions of cells, each cell performing approximately 100, 000 chemical reactions every second.  Each one of these cells works in harmony with all the other cells in the body to create you, sustain you, maintain you and keep you healthy, adaptable and able to learn, develop and grow throughout you long life.  How incredible is that!!!!!!!?

No less wonderful are the atoms that come together to create the chemicals that make the cell possible or the energy that works in harmony within the atom that brings all of life and the universe into existence.  Think of all the planets that make solar systems that themselves go to make up galaxies.  The universe is made up of billions of galaxies bursting in and out of existence, an individual instrument in its own right, part of an ever- flowing concert or symphony that plays because…….. that is what it does!

It is just as amazing to consider that these things are fluid and adaptable.  A living being interacts with the environment around it, changing in response to conditions, yet at the same time sustaining its form.  It is as if there is a timeless, unchanging centre that maintains balance and equilibrium within itself.  This perfection is achieved without thought.  We know this because the beauty of perfection is visible throughout nature- the delicate symmetry of butterflies’ wings or the shape of a tree.  Adaptability is essential, achieved within the context of balance and perfection.

The Universe is more like a jazz improvisation group, or a band jamming late into the night.  The players have a connection.  Without knowing how, they feel the change in harmony as it happens and adapt to it as its happening.  No different to a flock of birds or a school of fish- they move as one, sensing the movement of the group, not the individual.

What creates this order?  What is the musical score of your body and the Universe?  There is no doubt that there is order to Nature, because this amount of sustained coherence is too incredible to come about simply by chance.  Science is beginning to discover answers to these challenging questions.  It seems that the energy that is the universe is more spread out than we would imagine and interacts with itself through ripples of vibration.  Energy is not the pebble hitting the lake and creating ripples.  Energy is the lake!!!!!  Coded in this energy is information, transmitted within the ripples- the information is a vibration that transmits itself as the ripple moves, spreading across the lake that others can interact with.  This is happening at every point in the universe all the time.  The universe is like a vast lake of ripples.

The waves of the ocean take form and disappear, but they are still made of water, just as the ocean is.  Form is like a wave.  You can see it, touch it, be influenced and affected by it, but it is water, it is no different to the ocean itself.  Form is the same.  You can see it, touch it, be influenced and affected by it, but it is still energy.

This fluid nature of the universe begins to explain why things happen at a distance at the same time, like the flock of birds and the jazz musicians.  The universe is a vast lake of ripples that come in and out of existence and are fluid in nature.   Energy is constantly interacting allowing communication to take place at many levels and all part of the rich tapestry that goes to make our wonderful and mysterious universe- wonderful because of the many combinations of energy the ripples can generate and mysterious because these interactions are often happening beyond our senses and beyond our understanding.

Science is telling us we are interconnected- to each other and with the universe itself.  There are signs of this interconnectedness, events that indicate that we are most content when we are with like- minded people, when we are at one with nature, our loved ones and our pets and most importantly when we are at one with our self.  The harmony of sound in an orchestra, the harmony of colour in a painting, the harmony of shape in a sculpture or architecture and the harmony of minds in a family or working environment are all really the harmonious interactions of energy, the very state of balance and peace of Nature herself.


Subtle Energy and Health

Energy flows along pathways. These paths occur naturally. For example, air pressure differences create wind. Gravity attracts objects, spins planets and moves them through the universe. Chemical pathways move energy through the process of transformation and change. Thoughts move energy along nerve fibres within the central and peripheral nervous systems. Pathways of colour, sound and heat abound in nature. These energy pathways and many others create a network of inter- related systems that bind the universe together- the energy systems of the human body are important not only because they create and sustain life but also because they contribute to the energy systems of the planet that in turn interact with the energy of the solar system in an ever expanding, increasingly complex and inter- related universe.

The fact that these systems are inter- related is important because it means we are not isolated. Our existence is dependent upon others. Genetic streams of energy combine from our parents to create a unique individual that has unique experiences and perceptions of the world. We breathe and take in food and water, all of which has been recycled from elsewhere throughout time. Many of the elements in our bodies can only be created in the super- heat of stars, which means that they have been destroyed and their energy reintegrated into a planet and everything upon that planet.

For us to remain physically and mentally healthy exchange through these energy pathways is essential. Food is a well recognised pathway of energy that we partake in 3- 5 times a day. We recognise that the quality of the food we eat is important for health and is a valuable source of fuel for us in our daily lives. The human body uses up a phenomenal amount of energy in everyday activities- thinking, moving, maintenance and repair, digestion, monitoring the balance of chemicals in the body (homeostasis) and the immune system. For all of this to work correctly and in concert, energy needs to flow throughout the body freely.

Fields of energy created by the accumulation of atoms to create the cells of organs and systems, interact with each other to maintain balance and equilibrium in the body. If there are blockages in the pathways through which the energy flows, the body becomes out of balance over time and we may need to go to an acupuncturist, chiropractor, herbalist, cranio- sacral therapist and other types of healers to redress the balance.

As well as that, we can look at our body as a whole energy system- more like a battery. These cells, organs and systems draw their energy from the whole. Just as the Earth draws its energy from the sun, so the body draws its energy from the environment around it. Just as energy flows within the planet so energy flows through the body. Extinguish the sun, the planet slowly dies. Isolate the body from the environment, or more literally reduce or prevent the energy interacting with the body, and the body slowly reduces in health and eventually dies. This manifests itself in everyday life as sustained stress, poor working and living environments, poor quality of food, lack of exercise as well as a lack of meaning and purpose in people’s lives.

The human body, just like an electrical appliance, needs power so that it can work effectively and efficiently. Built into all living things is a means to draw power from the naturally- occurring universal energy grid that recharges the battery and so gives the body the energy it needs to work optimally. Life naturally drains this battery- as I said living is a very energy- hungry activity. Because energy flows, it is right that the battery be drained, but it does need to be recharged. If it is not, symptoms of poor health manifest in subtle ways to begin with, that become pronounced the more depleted we become and the more out of balance we are.

So, how do we recharge this battery? The process is a naturally occurring one and may take place without us realising that it is happening. If we choose to consciously recharge our battery, there are things we can do that will promote better health, well- being and vitality. It requires us to consciously connect to the energy all around us- if we do so through meditation, we may imagine drawing energy into the body either from above or from below and linking the seven chakra points, energising them and so revitalising the body; if we use Reiki, we become attuned to the universal healing force that floods the body with energy; we may choose to do it through loving and nurturing relationships and acts of kindness; we may invest in activities for which we are passionate, surrounding ourselves with people with whom we can have passionate conversations about things we are passionate about. The list is almost endless, but there is one fundamental thing that links them all- we connect to the energy around us and allow it to fuel us, empower us and in turn we empower and fuel the world around us. In short, we partake in the energy recycling process that occurs naturally throughout the universe, making us active participants in our own lives and the lives of others- the way existence is meant to be.

The Flow of the Universe

The River of the Universe flows from a ubiquitous source, through a process we call time.  The Universe unfolds at every point expanding and evolving.

We are all a part of that process and we have no choice but to participate. It is up to us whether we are a willing participant or if we resist the endless force that drives us towards forward movement, growth and evolution.

If we choose to resist it is only temporary as we ultimately return to the Great Flow when we die.  To choose to resist can be a tiring and draining process.  It is an experience full of pressure, strain and stress that can debilitate and weaken us. If we resist all we are doing is fighting a natural law of the universe. That natural law is one of movement and change.

In time this resistance can cause Illness with in us and we may become stressed in some way either emotionally or physically.  We may have sensations of dissatisfaction and meaninglessness, we may feel despondent about life and we may think we are powerless.  The more resistance we give to natural flow the more pressure we will inevitably feel.  Nature can give us room to manoeuvre when it makes us aware of our correct path; it then gives us the opportunity to change our poor choices. Poor choices too are a part of growth and change.

These gentle persuasions of nature can be ignored by us as we have free will and choice.  If we choose to ignore them the negative symptoms within us may grow and affect us detrimentally.

There is wisdom in listening to nature and understanding her pulse. She has her own natural rhythm of which you know and understand at a fundamental level of your being.

To be consciously aware of that natural rhythm of evolution and growth can only enhance our lives. It will set us in tune and in step with all that there is. For you to access this knowledge the key is deep inside of your being and to find that key one must go on a short journey. There are many practices that will help you find that key and unlock the door to flow.

Meditation, martial arts, mediumship, yoga, Chi Kung, Reiki as well as all forms of energy healing all help us to connect to universal energy at a deep level.  Once we have found that connection we can use it for many purposes.

In artistic and all daily practice we can connect to the flow of the universe and loose ourselves in its power. In a moment we can become one with its inspiring movement. We can be in the flow of life and the universe itself.  In time we learn to understand its language and use its power to enhance our life and being.

A river does not flow for itself alone.  It flows for the fish and insects that live in it, the animals that drink form it. It is a repository for rain water and a reservoir if the land is dry.  It carves through the earth changing the landscape and moves the earth and water around the planet.  In doing that, it expresses its true essence.  A river cannot be totally isolated.  Its identity and reason are intrinsically tied into its environment. It is a part of the larger picture of life.

So too are we.  What are we without our environment?  How can we shine without a larger context, a greater environment and people to share our light with?

Being a small part of a lager whole is our natural state.  To acknowledge that and work in union with it is to serve a greater purpose. To be in the flow of life and the universe is to be at one with your-self and at one with all.