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A Changing Perception of Reality

Reality is an Ocean of moving waves. We interact with these waves and interpret that information into our vision of reality, based on our beliefs and core values.

Reality is an Ocean of moving waves. We interact with these waves and interpret that information into our vision of reality, based on our beliefs and core values.

The energy we  talk about in our books and blogs implies that the world is a far more fluid and dynamic place than our senses would have us believe. Our senses tell us the world is solid and our language expresses an underlying belief that things are separate and fragmented. I am separate from other people, my dog, my car, my clothes etc. We are even taught at school that the world is made up of very small particles (like marbles or billiard balls) that join together to make larger things. To an extent this is true, and it is certainly easier to understand this way of thinking, as it is in line with the way we sense the world. This is however, not the full story. Please watch this You Tube video and you will see what I mean……. see you on the other side!

So what is the video saying? I think it is saying that there is an Ocean of Potential, and in the act of observing it, the waves become momentarily frozen, a bit like taking a photograph of a moving image. In that moment, the waves become particles they collapse to be frozen in time and space. Waves are the true state of reality for the majority of the time. Reality is an Ocean of moving waves and we have the ability to interact with these waves. We take in their information and interpret that information into our vision of reality, based on our beliefs and core values. Research by Karl Pribram, amongst others, indicates that the human brain has the ability to translate these waves of information into a fully interactive, 3- dimensional picture show that we call “the world as we know it”. We are able to tap into a fraction of this vast universal library of information encoded in waves. The universe is a repository of all that has been before.

These waves expand out and interact with each other and have far-reaching effects. But where do these waves get the energy to keep moving and propagate this constant stream of information? From the environment around them. The Universe shares a vast resource of energy that just gets passed around and recycled. For years, scientists like Albert Einstein, Max Planck and Niels Bohr argued about this idea, and now, thanks to the research by Timothy Boyer and Hal Puthoff, science can demonstrate this “self- generating feedback loop across the cosmos”.
Not only that, but these waves mean that “all the matter of the universe is literally connected to the furthest reaches of the cosmos”.

Science is telling us what teachers of meditation have taught for millennia. Science taps into this information using technology. Meditators can train their minds to become more sensitive to this wave information, cultivating skills that the brain uses on a daily basis but only to a fraction of its fullest capability.

The You Tube video brings up one further point for me. If everything is waves, and these waves are interacting with each other as their paths cross, it begs the question “Where do I stop, and where do you begin?” This idea of fragmentation and separation is a convenient illusion, but it means our understanding and perception of the world and reality is limited.
As a teacher of mine once said to me “At what point does the water in the glass become you?”

I think science has a lot to contribute to our understanding of the world, but it is by developing our own skills and abilities of perception that we can become able to glimpse reality. This is why we wrote Nourish the Flame Within and why we are writing Feel the Power, to give people the tools to experience the reality that science tells us is real.

The Field, by Lynne McTaggart, ISBN 9780007145102

A Journey into Consciousness




Where does your attention lie? Where do you focus your awareness?  Where do you direct the energy of your mind? Three questions posing a similar line of enquiry….. Wherever we place our focus determines our reality.  If we are attentive to thoughts of fear, doubt or jealousy our reality becomes contracted. If we think of love, compassion and peace our reality becomes expansive. The more our thoughts expand our awareness the more connected we become to life and its magic and wonder. My early life was consumed by fear and I am striving to fill my latter years with love and joy.

I was born to my parents at a time when their relationship was on the rocks. It has been said in the family that having me was an attempt to bring them closer together again.  Needless to say I had no such power. They separated when I was about a year old and my parents both retreated into themselves to lick their wounds and find ways to move on.  They did the best they knew how and I am grateful for that- but without words, for I was too young to understand them, their actions and thoughts taught me lessons that I would take into later life that made it difficult to trust and share, say truly how I feel and have the strength to authentically express myself and stand up for what I believed in and wanted for my life.  I felt truly alone in the world.  I learnt that loneliness was preferable as it helped me avoid pain.

When Yoda appeared in the Star Wars movies in the 1970s, I knew I had to meet a person like that- a mentor, teacher and spiritual guide.  I met such a man in my late teens who showed me a different way- that we have to open up to life and in doing so life’s gifts and magic enter us.  We close down to avoid pain, but when we close down, we close down to everything.  We cannot be selective.  If we are open, we are open to life’s joy and pain- we just have to be strong enough to deal with both, be open to both and learn from both.  It is hard, but it is by far the most fulfilling path.  We see the best of our self and of others and only very occasionally do we see the worst.

If we trust, we open our self to life and begin to live life fully in spite of our imperfections and the imperfections of others. We remove the barriers that we try to put in place to hide our self for fear of exposure, unburdening our self and becoming freer. We are all imperfect and that is as it should be. It gives us a reason to grow.  The sooner we accept this truth, the sooner we can go about living fully and removing the barriers we have put in place that mask us from a spiritual connection to life itself.

This spiritual connection is a link with the Consciousness of the universe, what the Chinese refer to as Tao or Chi, the Indians call Prana or Brahman and what world religions call God. In Nourish the Flame Within we discuss the idea that all things are energy whose source is this Consciousness, simply vibrating at different frequencies, which manifests in different forms, from gases to solids, from hot to cold, from inanimate to animate.

Different thoughts also vibrate at different frequencies. In her incredible workshops, Love and Above, Christie Marie Sheldon discusses how thoughts of fear and worry have low vibrations while thoughts of love and compassion have high vibrations. Consciousness is the highest vibration and it is our source. Spiritually, we are trying to return to this source in a vibrational sense. In other words, if we can cultivate thoughts of love, compassion and sharing, we begin to change vibrationally. If we can shift our thinking away from fear and contraction towards love and expansion, we are moving towards a vibration of perfection or Consciousness. The health, relationship and spiritual implications of this are nothing short of astounding.

As we develop through life, make stronger our connections with life itself, cultivate relationships with people, animals and places, harness our passions and put into practice the things that truly make us tick, we walk the path of our spiritual growth and increase our vibration. The closer to Consciousness we get the more at peace we feel, the more connected and related we are and the more empowered we become. We become aware that we are living Consciousness.


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