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Emotion in the Body

Have you wondered what people mean when they refer to the mind- body connection?   How does this relate to energy? What role does energy play in this connection between body and mind?

One of the key forces of the mind is emotion, feelings that flow through the mind and body created by the release of hormones, neurotransmitters and other chemicals that affect the body and mind in a myriad of ways. These chemicals are released as a response to events and situations that occur in your life. There are many chemicals for the body to choose from. Which ones you choose are determined by your beliefs and values, so that you might be anxious about the prospect of talking in public because you believe it to be a threatening situation, or you might be excited by the idea because it is thrilling to be sharing your ideas to a group of people. The quickening heart, the shortness of breath, the strained voice are all symptoms of one emotional response. The steady beat of the heart, the calm breathing and the conviction in your strong voice are the symptoms of a different response. Neither emotion is right or wrong. It is just how you feel about it. Those feelings create an emotional response in your body. This cascade of events occurs because the mind and the body are connected.

Energy and emotion

Emotion is energy in motion (e- motion). All things are energy and all energy flows. Emotion is a particular energy flow that is part of the human experience bringing you the highs and lows of living. Emotions can be joyous and painful. That joy and pain is felt most keenly when it flows, as it courses through your body and you experience that flow of energy. Sometimes that flow can be over- whelming as you feel the intensity of it. The joy of loving and feeling loved and the pain of bereavement are two more common examples. These emotions are sometimes so powerful that you cannot stop them flowing.

Some times in your life you might have been taught not to express your emotions. As children it is common to be told not to cry or not to be so silly, to grow up when upset or not to display anger. These restrictions are sometimes cultural and can also be because the people around you cannot handle these emotions themselves and so feel uncomfortable with them. In a desperate effort to control the situation, children are told by parents to stifle their emotions.   Humiliation at school by peers can be a powerful learning ground for suppressing emotion.

When energy is trapped

So what is really going on inside of you when this happens? From the point of view of energy, the emotion you are feeling in that moment is energy in flow creating a response in your body that generates anger, sadness, jealousy or whatever, manifesting certain behaviour- you cry, shout, scream etc. When told to stop, you try to stem that flow, stopper it like a cork in a champagne bottle or holding tight onto the lead of your dog when it is trying to get away. This takes effort and energy of it’s own and the body tightens to contain it. Muscles stiffen to hold on to the energy as it tries to flow. Because the energy is contained, the bodily response subsides. Perhaps unknown to you, the energy is still inside you, trying to flow and held back by your body through muscle tension.

You know this if you have ever relived a past experience- the emotion resurfaces as if the event had just happened- powerful and emotional. Over many years, with repeated events such as these, the body becomes increasingly tense, limiting movement, strength, breathing, posture, digestion, presence and preventing relaxation that allows the body to act naturally. With so much emotion trapped in the body, the mind also becomes tense, as it has to monitor the muscles that are trapping this energy and make sure nothing gets released. Over time, this takes up more and more of your energy, splitting your mind and body, making it harder to focus on the present and relax into the moment.

Restricted energy in motion manifests as tension throughout the body

Restricted energy in motion manifests as tension throughout the body

The consequences of this learned behaviour over time can be severe. As well as reducing emotional range because you do not allow yourself to express more than just mild emotions, the mind and body become tight, increasing stress, accelerating the aging process, reducing learning and adaptability, preventing flexibility and agility of body and mind and affecting health as well as well- being.

When you release energy

How do you release this trapped emotion? What is most important here is to do so in a safe and appropriate way. Sometimes it might be important to seek professional support in dealing with emotions that are otherwise challenging to handle and work through. Meditation can be an excellent method for releasing tension and becoming mindful of your feelings when that emotion is released. Yoga too can be a brilliant method for stretching out tension throughout the body, creating calmness and relaxation in mind and body. Massage, reflexology, acupuncture and shiatsu are all methods of relaxing the body and therefore the mind as part of a programme to bring the mind and body into balance and towards well- being. There is another energetic advantage to relaxing body and mind and allowing the energy to flow through you rather than be trapped inside: that is connection. When relaxed you are more connected, more present and open to the fullness of the moment. Here you connect not just to your self, but to the world and humanity. Through doing this work, you reconnect to your natural state, connected to the expansive whole of the universe.

Over to you

How do you experience the mind- body connection? How do you allow your emotions to flow? What can you share about stifling and suppressing emotions? We’d love to hear from you and share in the discussion about energy, so come on over and post your comments in the box at the bottom of the page.

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Coincidence and Synchronocity

I have noticed that these words have been banded about more frequently in recent years but until now I have struggled to place them in a context of a universe of flowing energy that sits right with my understanding.  They are referred to in books such as The Secret and The Celestine Prophecy Trilogy and by Deepak Chopra to name a few as if to imply that there is no apparent chance involved- that there is some background mechanism drawing these seemingly unrelated events together in a coordinated and meaningful way.

The Oxford English Dictionary’s definition of coincidence is “remarkable concurrence of events apparently by chance” while the World English Dictionary defines synchronicity as “an apparently meaningful coincidence in time of two or more similar or identical events that are causally unrelated”.

I work with subtle energy and have seen time and again the manner in which life situations shift and flow in different (and often in seemingly unrelated) ways as changes in attitude, understanding and response have far- reaching implications.  I am reminded of a client whose attitude to life consistently brought him to unfulfilling relationships, little satisfaction and poor results in work and study as well as an unhappy living environment.  Once working through the barriers that blocked the healthy energy flow in his mind, body and life he turned his entire life situation around in weeks:  he improved his grades from D’s and C’s to B’s and A’s, resigned from his previous job and began searching in earnest for something more suitable and fulfilling, moved to a beautiful ground floor apartment that was more appropriate for his son to visit and began a new relationship with a woman he felt was supportive of his continual growth and development.

My interpretation of this client’s situation is simply that the energy of his mind had been flowing in a way that was limiting and led to identical or similar outcomes, but once that energy flowed in new, empowering and life enhancing directions, his life began to blossom and bloom in ways he had only dreamed.  To him the transformation was remarkable.  To me it was the inevitable result of background mechanisms powered by shifts in energy flow from negativity to positivity and from limiting to empowering beliefs.  To him it was coincidence (or synchronous).  To me it was redirecting valuable energy from pathways that brought pain and unhappiness into pathways that meant he could “live the life he’d imagined” and at the same time reap unexpected and seemingly unrelated benefits in the bargain.

So what are these “background mechanisms” of which I speak?  Science tells us that everything is connected- all things are attracted to everything else in the universe through the force of gravity.  If everything is connected, then there is a relationship between all things in the universe.  Therefore, nothing is unrelated, nothing occurs by coincidence and events are not synchronous.  They simply appear to be so because we are unaware of the relationships between things or events.  These connections form an invisible network through which energy flows.  The strength of that energy relates to the strength of the connection- we may be aware of our connection to our children in the room next door, but unaware of our connection to some distant star in a neighbouring galaxy.  We tend to relate to these connections in an emotional way and indeed, emotion is a form of energy flow brought about by some connection between us and another.  We feel strong emotion when we have a powerful connection with someone- the energy surges and that energy can be directed towards anything we choose as long as we create a strong connection to it.  The client I mentioned earlier redirected the energy of his thinking and in so doing changed his relationship and the strength of his connection to his son, work, studies, home environment and significant relationship.  Such internal changes may have other unforeseen affects- he may enter into a more fulfilling career path, command a greater salary and more responsibility, become a more inspiring role model for friends and family (not least his son) and someone upon whom others can rely.

There may be health benefits, both mental and physical.  A mind more intimately connected to and in harmony with, its environment is more calm and centred.  Therefore stress and its effects on health will be limited.  The calmness he feels will also affect the people around him, making him more likely to have friends and fulfilling relationships, make him more likely to be hired by a new company or promoted in his existing one.  The possibilities are endless and unknown at the moment, but I do not believe they are unrelated.

Finally, what if we are making stronger connections with things we are not aware of, so that we attract into our lives the things we need to be able to take the next step forward?  What if those things are there all the time but we did not notice them- opportunities missed because we did not see them?  By shifting the way we think, redirecting the energy of the mind, we strengthen new connections and become aware of new choices- things we were oblivious to beforehand.

From birth I have had limited strength and movement in one of my shoulders.  I have worked hard not to allow this to be an issue as I have always been active and not wanted to use it as an excuse for being unable to do something.  In the main that has been the case, but it has only got me so far.  Recently I found the compassion to give myself a break about it which seemed to coincide with a deluge of commercial opportunities that have profound financial and business- related benefits.  Whether the self- compassion opened the connection to the opportunities or the opportunities were a chance for me to express self- compassion I do not know.  What I do know is that my life is flowing in new and fascinating directions that I had not envisaged- the kind of excitement that comes from embracing life’s opportunities and feeling the flow of energy of life all around me.