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Let your open heart & spontaneity create the magic of the moment

Let your open heart & spontaneity create the magic of the moment

Steve Jobs, in his Stanford Commencement Speech, spoke about looking back at his life and joining the dots. Reflecting on his journey and how things had lead to one thing and then another.

Without any idea how impactful any one single event maybe it was only in the fullness of time that he realised how powerful, significant and influential those single moments or events would be.

Very often we plan events and have an expectation of how they will turn out or how we will experience them.  This expectation can limit our experience.

In one sense, if we have negative expectations we can perceive something that does in fact have the potential to be very positive as something negative.  For example, the nerves people feel before they speak in public can often be enough to stop people getting up in front of an audience and presenting their ideas.  The negative expectation stifles the spontaneous creation of experiences that might otherwise arise from that event.  To understand that this fear response is completely natural may allow that person to step out in spite of the fear, share their concept and enjoy the process of expressing their authenticity and the audience’s responses to it.

On the other hand, the expectation of a huge event can mean we miss the subtle nuances that make up the larger part of any situation.  To have a fixed idea in your mind of how something will be, means you may deny what it is becoming as it spontaneously evolves.  You may miss the magic as it unfolds and walk away feeling deflated from an event that was spectacular- just not in the sense that you had anticipated.

So how do we get the balance of creating an event that has the potential for an incredible experience, yet not get caught up in what it might be or what we want it to be?  Or even more rigidly, what it must be?

We have all been involved in something about which we have had no expectation.  Very often we have a wonderful time because we enjoy it in the moment as it unfolds and we have no pre- judgement to compare it with.

We can create an event with the knowledge that it will be great without knowing how it will be great.  The right people, the right ambience and an openness to succeed and the event create itself.  Is that not how the best events often unfold?  It requires planning and detail, but also surrenders to the dynamic flow of the moment.  So we plan and trust.  Plan with an open agenda and trust with an open heart.  And all the elements of life will flow together to create magic.

You will have witnessed it and contributed to the magic.   That will feed you and others, strengthening the bond between you and your loved ones and the bond between you and life itself, offering you strength, support and power in the instant of the moment.