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A Changing Perception of Reality

Reality is an Ocean of moving waves. We interact with these waves and interpret that information into our vision of reality, based on our beliefs and core values.

Reality is an Ocean of moving waves. We interact with these waves and interpret that information into our vision of reality, based on our beliefs and core values.

The energy we  talk about in our books and blogs implies that the world is a far more fluid and dynamic place than our senses would have us believe. Our senses tell us the world is solid and our language expresses an underlying belief that things are separate and fragmented. I am separate from other people, my dog, my car, my clothes etc. We are even taught at school that the world is made up of very small particles (like marbles or billiard balls) that join together to make larger things. To an extent this is true, and it is certainly easier to understand this way of thinking, as it is in line with the way we sense the world. This is however, not the full story. Please watch this You Tube video and you will see what I mean……. see you on the other side!

So what is the video saying? I think it is saying that there is an Ocean of Potential, and in the act of observing it, the waves become momentarily frozen, a bit like taking a photograph of a moving image. In that moment, the waves become particles they collapse to be frozen in time and space. Waves are the true state of reality for the majority of the time. Reality is an Ocean of moving waves and we have the ability to interact with these waves. We take in their information and interpret that information into our vision of reality, based on our beliefs and core values. Research by Karl Pribram, amongst others, indicates that the human brain has the ability to translate these waves of information into a fully interactive, 3- dimensional picture show that we call “the world as we know it”. We are able to tap into a fraction of this vast universal library of information encoded in waves. The universe is a repository of all that has been before.

These waves expand out and interact with each other and have far-reaching effects. But where do these waves get the energy to keep moving and propagate this constant stream of information? From the environment around them. The Universe shares a vast resource of energy that just gets passed around and recycled. For years, scientists like Albert Einstein, Max Planck and Niels Bohr argued about this idea, and now, thanks to the research by Timothy Boyer and Hal Puthoff, science can demonstrate this “self- generating feedback loop across the cosmos”.
Not only that, but these waves mean that “all the matter of the universe is literally connected to the furthest reaches of the cosmos”.

Science is telling us what teachers of meditation have taught for millennia. Science taps into this information using technology. Meditators can train their minds to become more sensitive to this wave information, cultivating skills that the brain uses on a daily basis but only to a fraction of its fullest capability.

The You Tube video brings up one further point for me. If everything is waves, and these waves are interacting with each other as their paths cross, it begs the question “Where do I stop, and where do you begin?” This idea of fragmentation and separation is a convenient illusion, but it means our understanding and perception of the world and reality is limited.
As a teacher of mine once said to me “At what point does the water in the glass become you?”

I think science has a lot to contribute to our understanding of the world, but it is by developing our own skills and abilities of perception that we can become able to glimpse reality. This is why we wrote Nourish the Flame Within and why we are writing Feel the Power, to give people the tools to experience the reality that science tells us is real.

The Field, by Lynne McTaggart, ISBN 9780007145102

Mind- Set is Everything

Mind-Set is Everything: what you imagine colours your reality.

Mind-Set is Everything: what you imagine colours your reality.


In researching for my own general interest and specifically for our second book “Feel the Power”, I have come across some fascinating scientific research that spans psychology, neuroscience, quantum physics and anthropology. It amazes me that such diverse disciplines can actually point towards the same reality, namely to discover the truth about our living universe and our role within it.

The power of the mind is an important aspect of this research, because human beings interact with the universe through our minds. Here is one such experiment conducted by Shlomo Breznitz that I read about in The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot (1996, Harper Collins Publishers, ISBN: 0586091718).

I quote directly from the book (pages 87- 88): Breznitz “had several groups of Israeli soldiers march 40 kilometers (about 25 miles), but gave each group different information. He had some groups march 30km, and then told them they had another ten to go. He told others they were going to march 60km, but in reality only marched them forty. He allowed some to see distance markers, and provided no clues to others as to how far they had walked. At the end of the study Breznitz found that the stress hormone levels of the soldiers’ blood always reflected their estimates and not the actual distance they had marched. In other words, their bodies responded not to reality, but to what they were imaging as reality.”

Isn’t that amazing? It was what the soldiers thought they were doing that had the most powerful effect on their bodies, not what actually happened. What they imagined had a physiological affect on their bodies which in turn affected their performance. It begs the question: What is it that you are imagining that affects your body and therefore your performance at work, in your relationships and in life generally?

How are your thoughts affecting your health, the way you approach and manage stressful situations or the manner in which you interact with others? The old adage “Mind over Matter” has been given new meaning and science is presenting us with countless examples of this across many fields of research. This blog series will look at some of these experiments which I hope will challenge some of your thoughts and perceptions about yourself and the world around you and perhaps encourage you to question some of your beliefs that may be holding you back from achieving your full potential and experiencing life in its fullness and beauty.