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The Wave Nature of Being

Colour, texture, beauty, music and ambience all effect the wave nature of being

Colour, texture, beauty, music and ambience all effect the wave nature of being

It is well recognised that all things are energy- they are not made of energy, they are energy. The nature of energy is that it must flow.  It is in a state of flux and subtle variation. Our senses perceive that most of our material world is solid and remains unchanged, but when you observe this natural material world at a microscopic level, you see that energy flows from one form to another in a startling number of ways at a speed and frequency that is baffling. It is no wonder that mans attempt to explain it is so complex and weighty.

Because energy flows the magic of life is that anything stays together long enough to create form. The energy that is your car thankfully stays together long enough to get you from A to B while the energy that is you remains in form long enough to allow you to gather a wealth of life experience.

Your five senses tell you what shape form has, as well as its colour, texture, how cool it is, how soft it is etc.  What your five senses do not tell you is the wave, fluid nature of the energy that you sense as form. Through the ancient art if meditation and the modern art of science, you can cultivate further senses that allow you to experience the fluid nature of reality and feel the wave nature of being.

Energy flows in waves. This means that everything is interacting with everything else in a complex network of energy pathways. The properties of the waves of one thing influence the wave nature of another thing. Probably not enough to change its form as perceived by the five senses, but certainly enough to change its feel as perceived by the senses beyond them. This means that you are affected by the colours and textures of your furniture and clothes as well as the materials they are made from. You are influenced by lighting, music and conversation- the waves of these things affect your wave being and influence you in subtle and sometimes not so subtle ways.

We can even take it a stage further and say that where and how your food is grown or the materials for your furniture and clothes, how they are processed, stored and transported all influence your energetic wave being. Perhaps people are beginning to become more aware of these subtleties and this may be motivating them to buy ethically sourced goods and support sustainable energy and farming.

So what do we do with this knowledge? Well, this is the next step along the energetic pathway- we have to make an intention to nurture this wave being and give it what it needs to grow and develop. There is a realm of unexplored experience of energy for all of us.  As our interaction with energy becomes wider we become fuller and more potentially realised people.

As our energy awareness becomes more potent we become increasingly aware of the many kinds of subtle energies that exist around us.  As our awareness of subtle energies increase we become more sensitive to the subtleties of the energetic world allowing us to move more gracefully through life. Prior to embarking on this subtle energy journey we could not have imagined the deeply profound and rich interactions that lie before us until we explore that world of subtle energy that exists both within and around us.

I can share with you that in the short time I have personally travelled this energetic road I have experienced things that I could not have foreseen. That is as it should be in life for we cannot and perhaps should not know what lies over the horizon until we have experienced for ourselves the magic of the energy journey.