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Food for The Soul

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Food for Thought, Food for the Body and Food for the Soul


We all walk a spiritual path as we are all spirit. We are spirit energy in a body. As human spirits we grow by learning. I am constantly learning new things. I like learning it brings new ideas and perspectives to my life.

I do not have all of the answers to life or spirituality for I am always learning new things from many people. I do not believe anyone has all of the answers to anything. There are people who say they have all of the answers and maybe they do for a short while. Life changes and it moves on and is in a constant state of flux. So are we.

When we learn something new we change. We replace old ideas with new ones or we may reinforce old ideas. Either way we are in a win situation with the new knowledge. As knew knowledge equals change to us on some level.

Today we will have a set of thoughts, ideas and understandings and tomorrow they will be different in some way. I am not saying that we do not have a responsibility for the things that we think do or say. I am saying that we will think do and say something no matter what that is and in time will change those understandings and actions as we live and develop. Change means development of us and our lives. We change from the moment that we are born and in fact if we think about it we changed even in the womb. We change in many ways throughout our life. We change physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. We are not static beings.

From the moment we enter this world we are in for change. Life will change around us whether we wish for it or not. We can resist change but that is futile as change will happen never the less. All things change. The seasons change, day changes into night, the weather changes. Everything changes.

People too change, before our very eyes. They physically change day by day. Nothing about people is set in stone at all. Life seems to be static but it is not.  Change is built into life at all levels. There is wisdom in slow change. Slow change gives ourselves and life time to decide is this a good change and do we need to keep it or change it for something else. It offers us a choice as we move towards the conclusion of the new change. It offers us and life time to understand and assess that change.

Physical change to our body is inevitable and we all know that our body is designed to break down. We can slow things down a little with good food and plenty of sleep and some effective creams and potions. However even with all of that our body will degenerate. Life will move forward and we will bend to its influence. Our body is designed for slow change and the ravages of time.

But what of our soul, how do we keep that in good condition?  And what is a spiritual path? We can develop our soul in the same way we can develop our body. We can condition our soul. To have a healthy body we need to give it good things to work with, such as good food, rest and exercise. To have an active and effective mind we need to give it food for thought. It needs input and stimulation.  The soul needs the same too. It too needs food, rest and exercise.

What is food for the soul? Life is food for the soul as it helps the soul to develop. It does not matter what we do as long as we interact with life. When we interact with life we give the soul its sustenance. Good or bad, happy or sad the soul will thrive on what we give it. It will change and develop in one way or the other. The change that occurs in each of us adds to life. It adds knowledge to the wider universe. It causes us to move forward into life.

We are all part of life and life part of us. So therefore we are all important to life and life to us. From time to time it may be that we may feel insignificant and unimportant. We are just a single person in this huge world of ours. Perhaps there are some moments of despair.

These moments are part of the catalyst for our change and growth. When we reach rock bottom in any situation or interaction often it causes us to find a solution and resolve the misery. It causes us to look, listen and learn so that we may move forward. Despair can lead to change. We are required to look at the situation and our life, the path that led us to the situation, to listen to our inner voice for the truth of the situation and learn from the experience.

Despair forces our hand to give in or grow through movement. In despair we look for the solution that will take us out of the situation. Movement of any sort equals growth to the person. Even negative movement equals growth in time. Negative movement equals more pain and misery which in turn is a further learning to the person. All of life and life’s interactions facilitate growth to the soul.

Meditation, sleep and quiet contemplation are rest for the soul.  Exercise for the soul comes by way of all of the interactions that stretch the soul to grow. On all levels of our being we grow through the interactions with life and the things we put into our being.

We need food for thought, food for the body and food for the soul. Life Nourishes the flame within.


Personal Journey


What has your personal journey been like?
My life has been exciting, demanding, full of chances to learn and grow, and has been filled with joy and some sadness, surrounded by friends and family. Although at times there has been loneliness too in my life. We can be surrounded by good people and still feel loneliness. I can look back at my life and I can see that there is a path-a thread that links all of my experiences together that has brought me to where I am now and I know will also lead me into my future. Periods of certainty within my life have often been very productive, however sometimes certainty can lead to stagnation. The times when I have been most lost have been when I have had to look at my life and re-evaluate the issues within my life and life itself and these have been periods of great change and new directions for me that led to greater vitality and productivity.

How can one begin their own journey?
You are already on it! The great journey of your life has already begun. What you make of it is up to you. The key is movement forward. Without that our lives stagnate and our journey becomes stale, boring and mundane. When I was young I sometimes became despondent about where my life was going and what I was going to become. My mother would say to me “Do something new every day”. It opened my mind to all of the possibilities that were whizzing around in my head and I would become inspired by the excitement I felt. There were times that this excitement would lead to difficult and sometimes dangerous situations, but more often than not it would lead to something exciting and exhilarating. This excitement might lead to a day-long adventure, or to a short chapter in my life, or even at times to a fundamental change in life-direction. The point is I never knew what twists and turns my life or situations would take until I tried them. It is as if we have to take a leap of faith in our self to truly discover our self.

What role does self-awareness play in one’s personal journey?
Self-awareness is so much more than an intellectual exercise. Self-awareness is mind’s awareness of the self being in the present. It is the mind’s awareness of emotions and its own inner state. It is also the awareness of the self being aware of the emotions and inner state of others. I include others in this, because we become far more in tune with other people when we, ourselves, are self-aware. In my experience, an awareness of one’s own core values is one of the most important aspects in the relationship between self-awareness and one’s personal life’s journey. An awareness of what we truly value is essential to making life choices that honor the things we truly value. It is easy to lose sight of these values in the busyness of daily living. We can sometimes become drawn away from our own self-awareness by becoming pulled into the sphere of things that may compromise those core values.
With greater self-awareness, we can also become more aware of the present, guided and influenced by events in the here and now, rather than by our interpretation of the past and our projection into the future. Being aware of what we bring into the present is important, as we can be mindful of what is real and what are only our impressions and emotions. By understanding that what is internal and what is external to us influences how we can project into the present and the future. Thus, altering the choices we may make and the outcomes to the interactions we have in our lives. We may for example have a particular fear of something which is holding us back from traveling along our personal journey. To face that particular fear requires an awareness of the process taking place within us and that can only be done in the present.
Intuition is a gift from life to the self to be used in the present and is an essential ingredient of self-awareness and your personal journey. Intuition is the tool by which you gain a deep knowing that has the ability to steer you, if you allow it, in the direction of some great benefit. It takes time to know and trust that inner intuitive voice. When you do so, and this is one of the wonderful mysteries of life, it never steers you wrong.

“Best wishes from David as you continue to nourish the flame within.”