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Intention and energy free flow



What do you achieve without intention?  I believe you will achieve just a list of random accomplishments that happen by chance or by the work of others. Without intention you become a bystander in your own life. Life becomes something that happens to you rather than you becoming an augmenter of your own life story.

Throughout my exploration of energy it seems plain to me that intention is the one thing that drives the direction and flow of energy. Once you decide to do something you may move heaven and earth to achieve it. Your intention focuses your energy that builds your dreams. It cuts through obstacles and helps to gravitate other elements into your life path.

It is easy to experiment with intention and to understand its power. Just look around you at the people that you may know. Take a look at their lives and the way they conduct their decision making. In time you will notice that those people who have clear intentions about what they are and where they want to go in life have the most successful outcomes. You will see that this plays out in all areas of their life. It is not just about work or money it is about all aspects of life.

Intention induces free- flow of energy.  Just by deciding that you want something to happen can set wheels in motion and overcome obstacles that will ensure its outcome. It may not happen immediately.  Sometimes it may take years and in all of those circumstances you will have to add energy.

For instance, you decide that you wish to have a certain career, friendship or path in life. You will have to add the energy ingredient to make that happen.  Intention is the driver, the reason you embark and continue upon the journey.  Energy must be added in some form.

Take the classic scenario of wanting to meet that special someone to share your life with. You do have to make some sort of effort to find them of course.  Sitting at home on your lonesome and watching TV will not bring them to you. You have to make the physical effort and interact with people to find that special person.  This all requires time and mental, physical and emotional effort on your part.

Having made the decision to meet that special someone, you must put yourself in situations whereby you have some good chance of interaction with like- minded people.  All you then need do is be authentic and open to the possibility of meeting someone and the energy of life will work in its natural way. If you go looking for him/ her there is a focus that restricts the natural energy flow of mutual attraction and compatibility.

Too many expectations restrict the flow of energy. They over- focus and impede nature’s way. This is a form of tension and only clouds the clear focus of intention. Tension, of any kind, is a sign of restriction and reduced energy flow. In tension means your intention is focused, not on the goal, but on forcing something through- it may not be time or the conditions may not be right.

Fear, worry, stress, greed and doubt all cloud your focus of intention on your goals and either can restrict energy flow or redirect it away from your true desires and towards a negative outcome.

Very often the fear of being alone means you remain alone.  What you are focusing on here is being alone and that is what the energy of the universe hears you say. That is the vibration that you are sending out to others and the universe. The intention that you are giving is one of fear and loneliness not of mutual companionship and compatibility. You have to be careful how you direct your energy and which quality of energy you are employing. The mind is a powerful tool and energy is a potent force of action and reaction.

If you find that your focus is on fear or any other negative feeling, it is worth exploring the true source of these emotions. The correct conditions must exist within one’s self as well as without to enable your desires to manifest. Simply being aware of the influence of correct conditions is enough to shift your focus into a positive space of energy free- flow so that your desired true intentions have time to grow and your dreams realised.