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The Magic

510536519The natural forces of the earth flow along natural pathways as do the forces of the universe. The earth and the universe are one. They are each part of a whole that makes the universe. All forces of the universe are natural to it as they are all part of it. Energy takes many forms. All is fluid energy and solidity is an illusion. There is magic in that. We see something with our eyes and we say it must be so as I have seen it for myself. Life is an illusion. It is here for the briefest of moments and then it is gone. It is not set in stone. It is not permanent. The permanence is an illusion. That is a part of the natural order of life. We are born we live and then the body dies. There is a natural flow of energy forces at work in that plan.

Not all that we see with our naked eye is real. We say there is nothing there because we cannot see anything there. We know that all is not seen with the naked eye. There is a world of energy and energy forces that are unseen to the naked eye and they are there and at work none the less. Just because I cannot see a micro-organism with my naked eye does not mean it is not there.

Air surrounds us. Wind is the force of moving air. We feel the force of air rushing around us. We can’t see air. We can feel it sometimes. We feel it as it enters our lungs and gives us sustained life. This is all part of the magic of life.

There are other energy forces around us that are unseen. These forces can be felt and seen in certain circumstances. They are subtle energy forces that can be interacted with. These energy forces are both positive and negative.

There is an electromagnetic energy around us that we can draw into our bodies. This happens naturally and we can amplify the energy intake at will. This energy feeds  our body like air feeds the lungs. It is gentle and subtle and is not easily felt.

Each person has an electromagnetic energy field that surrounds and penetrates the body called the aura. We all feel each other’s aura, but we don’t all see it. Some people can see the aura of other people but not many can do so naturally. With some teaching and practice it can be seen as fuzzy energy about an inch or two from the outside of the body.

There are other unseen energies that are always around us. We can feel them often but as we don’t see them with our eyes those feelings are often dismissed. If you go into the quiet of your being and concentrate by sending your aura out to those forces you will feel them.

As there are positive energies so too there are negative ones. There are always opposite forces. They exist because the universe must be balanced. As there are energies that are good for the body’s health and well-being so too there are energies that are the opposite. Positive and negative exists throughout the universe on all levels.

People are an energy force within the universe and they too can be positive or negative. Our influence upon the universe can be one or the other. We send energy out into the universe and the quality of that energy will have an effect upon the whole. We are part of the universal whole as an energy force. We often think of the elements of the earth as being separate from each other. We say that people are separate or that countries are separate. Are they? Where does that separation lay? If a person, an area or a country sends out large amounts of poisonous energy waste it affects the whole. It pollutes the immediate and the wider environment, of which people are a part. We do not understand all that there is to understand about the universe or even our own environment, the earth and so how can any of us say how much we affect the whole. We only understand a part of the workings of the earth and the universe.

All is explainable with logic and reason as long as we take into account all the facts that come from experience, intellect and intuition. There is nothing that does not have a logical explanation. Sometimes the true explanation does not tie in with our own understanding of how things are in reality at this moment. Life and the universe are full of illusion. What we think we see sometimes we do not and what we think is not around us is. That is the magic of the universe.

Taken from “Feel the Power” a first steps guide to connecting to the universe. Which is to be published shortly by The Hancock Press. Written by Lynette it is a guide to connecting to the energy forces of the universe.



Flickering Universe

At its most basic level the universe flickers in and out of existence

At its most basic level the universe flickers in and out of existence

Nature is forever changing.  The wind blows moving the trees and the clouds.   The sun and moon move across the sky.  The seasons change.  Our hair grows longer, we learn and age, relationships are born and develop, society evolves and there is an endlessly changing face to technology, industry, science and politics.  No two days are the same.

When we look at the science of this, we understand that things develop around a balance point.  Nature is well-balanced, and tips out of balance, creating the need to bring things back into equilibrium.  In doing this, Nature elicits change, the balance point shifting subtly.  We call this shift, Evolution.  The changing nature of one thing requires the adaptation of another, moving our world forward and keeping it in balance.  Each balancing point is a relationship, like a see- saw, and the experience of that relationship is the interplay of forces around that point.  Tolerance to imbalance is built-in to Nature, is indeed essential, otherwise things could never evolve.  In nature’s complexity, there are so many ways in which balance can be affected, that it is easier to look at nature as a network of interacting elements that stays in balance as a whole.  No individual relationship acts in isolation.  Nothing is disconnected from the whole.

No matter how close you look at nature, you always see these relationships.  Go right down to the smallest sub-atomic particles of the universe, and we see that things are a dance between their imbalance and equilibrium.  Sub-atom particles are not static things.  They have a tendency to change.  Inexplicably and spontaneously, they flicker in and out of existence and alter, and always in relation to a balance point (this balance point scientists call the conservation law of mass- energy).  Every relationship in nature is built on this flickering instability that actually goes to create our changing, evolving world.

These dynamic relationships affect every layer of reality and are the basis for our beautiful and vibrant universe.  From its very foundations, the universe is built on change, centred about balance and harmony that makes for such exquisite dynamic stillness.

This blog was inspired by “The Dance”, a chapter in “The Dancing Wu Li Masters” by Gary Zukav.

A Changing Perception of Reality

Reality is an Ocean of moving waves. We interact with these waves and interpret that information into our vision of reality, based on our beliefs and core values.

Reality is an Ocean of moving waves. We interact with these waves and interpret that information into our vision of reality, based on our beliefs and core values.

The energy we  talk about in our books and blogs implies that the world is a far more fluid and dynamic place than our senses would have us believe. Our senses tell us the world is solid and our language expresses an underlying belief that things are separate and fragmented. I am separate from other people, my dog, my car, my clothes etc. We are even taught at school that the world is made up of very small particles (like marbles or billiard balls) that join together to make larger things. To an extent this is true, and it is certainly easier to understand this way of thinking, as it is in line with the way we sense the world. This is however, not the full story. Please watch this You Tube video and you will see what I mean……. see you on the other side!

So what is the video saying? I think it is saying that there is an Ocean of Potential, and in the act of observing it, the waves become momentarily frozen, a bit like taking a photograph of a moving image. In that moment, the waves become particles they collapse to be frozen in time and space. Waves are the true state of reality for the majority of the time. Reality is an Ocean of moving waves and we have the ability to interact with these waves. We take in their information and interpret that information into our vision of reality, based on our beliefs and core values. Research by Karl Pribram, amongst others, indicates that the human brain has the ability to translate these waves of information into a fully interactive, 3- dimensional picture show that we call “the world as we know it”. We are able to tap into a fraction of this vast universal library of information encoded in waves. The universe is a repository of all that has been before.

These waves expand out and interact with each other and have far-reaching effects. But where do these waves get the energy to keep moving and propagate this constant stream of information? From the environment around them. The Universe shares a vast resource of energy that just gets passed around and recycled. For years, scientists like Albert Einstein, Max Planck and Niels Bohr argued about this idea, and now, thanks to the research by Timothy Boyer and Hal Puthoff, science can demonstrate this “self- generating feedback loop across the cosmos”.
Not only that, but these waves mean that “all the matter of the universe is literally connected to the furthest reaches of the cosmos”.

Science is telling us what teachers of meditation have taught for millennia. Science taps into this information using technology. Meditators can train their minds to become more sensitive to this wave information, cultivating skills that the brain uses on a daily basis but only to a fraction of its fullest capability.

The You Tube video brings up one further point for me. If everything is waves, and these waves are interacting with each other as their paths cross, it begs the question “Where do I stop, and where do you begin?” This idea of fragmentation and separation is a convenient illusion, but it means our understanding and perception of the world and reality is limited.
As a teacher of mine once said to me “At what point does the water in the glass become you?”

I think science has a lot to contribute to our understanding of the world, but it is by developing our own skills and abilities of perception that we can become able to glimpse reality. This is why we wrote Nourish the Flame Within and why we are writing Feel the Power, to give people the tools to experience the reality that science tells us is real.

The Field, by Lynne McTaggart, ISBN 9780007145102

My Introduction to Energy Therapies- Part 1

Reiki treatmentWestern science is based on the premise of an objective observer- the idea that someone can look in at an experiment from the outside, and observe what is happening without influencing or affecting the outcome. Since the double- slit experiments of the early twentieth century, the idea of the impassive experimenter has been thrown into question (Dr Quantum-Double Slit Experiment). Evidence points to the fact that the observer plays a very influential role in the experimental outcome.

Clinical Trials and the Healing Process
Clinical trials for drugs in the pharmaceutical industry are always tested against a placebo, so that effects can be compared between patients who have been administered the trial drug and those that have not. A patient is given a placebo when they think they have been given the tested drug, but have in fact been given a completely inactive substance instead. If a patient has been given a placebo and exhibits the effects of the test drug, this counts against the effectiveness of the drug, because the patient showed effects when the drug itself was not administered.

This implies that the patient has the ability to influence and affect his/ her own healing process. Humans have a highly evolved immune system and healing mechanism built into the fabric of our being. This implies that we strive endlessly towards perfect health. Western science’s focus on the chemical processes in the body means that western medicine often seeks to correct using chemicals with pharmacological properties. This often acts as a masking effect, rather than a healing effect, which does not necessarily bring the body back into balance.

For centuries, traditional Eastern forms of medicine, such as Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture and Ayurvedic medicine, have worked with energy, and used the potent substances (drugs) in natural herbs to redress energetic balance. Admittedly, that was all that was available at the time, and the developments in western medicine and science have revolutionised medical care on a global scale. In recent years, the development of energy healing practices such as Polarity therapy, Craniosacral therapy, Chiropractic therapy, Reiki, Energy medicine and Homeopathy have surged, flying in the face of many modern western scientific principles, including the idea of an objective observer. The healer is as much a part of the healing process as the patient and the drugs that are used to aid healing.

The Healing Processes and my Objective
This two-way process of working in harmony to achieve a common goal is powerful stuff. I had never realised just how powerful until quite recently. Having co-written a book about energy with Lynette Avis called “Nourish the flame within” my interest in the effects of energy on healing have been peaked. Because of my awakened interest in this area of healing and health I have sought out a number of local healers that use energy to heal. My objective was not to be healed as I enjoy good health, but rather to experience the process and have a better understanding of how the healing is administered, the theories behind the practice and to relay any observations and experiences. I have been totally transparent about my objectives with each healer, and as I was told by one “the effectiveness of the treatment is not compromised because you enjoy good health, your body will use the energy as it sees fit to bring you into greater balance and harmony.” I was intrigued!

Finding the Therapists
I am fortunate to know a number of healers who practise their art in different ways. I hope by writing these blogs that people will begin to understand better the processes and appreciate the skill involved, the care and dedication and the power of the intent to heal. I am not here to bash western medicine. I have myself benefitted many times in my life from the advances of modern science and would probably not be here without it. I do think that it is important to explore all the alternatives available to us, and so I entered into this with an open heart and mind and a sense of adventure. As these alternative/holistic forms of healing are available to us, why should we not then benefit from them if there is a benefit to be had?

Clarity and Complementation
What has become clear to me in researching for this blog series is that each practitioner brings with them their unique combination of innate talents and skills as well as a unique set of training practices. This means that no one practitioner is the same and those generic terms such as Reiki, Chiropractor or Craniosacral therapist may lead you to believe that all practitioners sharing the same therapy perform their healing in the same way. Many healers have skills in many healing arts that complement each other, broadening the healing scope of the therapist, allowing them to be of greater service. There are also many different schools of healing thought within a given field, leading to subtle differences in emphasis. As the patient, it is after all about finding the therapies and therapists that work best with you, just like any doctor.

I look forward to sharing with you my experiences and revelations. It was an interesting journey for me as my eyes and interest were opened wider still.

Read my next blog later in the month as I continue my journey of discovery of the wonders of energy therapies and share my experiences of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy.

The Language of Truth

Many paths lead to the Summit of Truth

Many paths lead to the Summit of Truth

Have you noticed how hard it can be to understand the language of certain disciplines?  Science is full of technical terms and complex terminology that can be impossible to grasp.  Different religions use words and ideas that are often incomprehensible to outsiders, while philosophers discuss concepts and make distinctions about things that are almost impossible to distinguish without years of study and contemplation.

It’s funny how words used to convey thoughts create barriers to understanding.

Camps become polarised and separated by ideologies that can create aggressive opposition by others that feel threatened and ostracised.

If you cut through the barriers of words however, you might just find that they are all reaching for the same truth- coming to the summit of the mountain as it were from different sides.  They all seek the truth- if you understand that many of the words mean the same things you no longer see the differences that cloud the truth but begin to see the mystery that is the truth.

Each path to the mountain top starts at the base.  If you are there, the top seems so far away and other paths of differing views seem so separate from yours.  As you reach closer to the truth you become more intimate with other paths, converging and merging as the truth comes more clearly into view.  If you reach out to others, you may find you reach the summit sooner and with more friends to share the experience.

I am trained as a scientist but it was only when I began to study religions and philosophies and expand my general scientific knowledge that I began to realise that they all study the nature of reality and the wonder of Nature itself.

Meditation is very similar to authentic prayer.  The eastern concept of karma (the science of cause and effect) can be seen in science, psychology, history, geography, sociology and anthropology.  The power of core values in life coaching is termed Kidi in Japanese Zen.  Biology, Chemistry and physics describe scientifically how inter- connected all things are as they are experienced by deep meditation.  Modern western medicine complements eastern ancient arts of acupuncture, herbs, Ayurveda and energy healing.  What world religions call God, One, the Word the Yogis call Om, the Taoists and Buddhists the Void, the Hindus Brahman and the American Indians the Great Spirit.  Quantum Physics describes the same reality that Buddhists and Taoists have discussed for centuries.

In short, all the schools of thought are searching for the truth.  Let’s work together and help each other to discover this One Reality.  Let’s focus on what binds us rather than what divides us and in so doing we will find the answers sooner.  Nourish the Flame Within is our attempt to distil these ideas into a single experiential guide – a chance to discover the truth through many possible paths- each of which leads to the Summit of Truth.

The Stars at Night

I am overwhelmed by the billions of stars, the vastness of the expanse before me and my connection to it.

I am overwhelmed by the billions of stars, the vastness of the expanse before me and my connection to it.

It is New Years Eve and I take a break from the festivities and walk outside into the icy night air. The silence is deafening and I enjoy the stillness and the dark. In contemplative and reflective mood I take a deep breath and look skyward.

Instantly I am overwhelmed by the billions of stars, the vastness of the expanse before me and my connection to it, a sense of being part of something universal and the fact I play a part in that and at the same time an insignificance that is humbling and releasing.

I recognise that profound moment as something special- a sense of how things truly are. A connection to something unchanging yet at the same time in constant flux, all things a manifestation of the energy of the universe, without time, beyond space, without boundaries.

Quantum Physics tells us that form and shape are an illusion. Energy moves at such speeds in confined spaces that it creates an energy field that is both powerful and fluid. We perceive these fields as particles such as protons, neutrons and electrons that themselves interact to create atoms. These atoms join together to create progressively more complex objects- but at their core they are this fluid energy field.

Delve into this energy field and you have space, the reflection of the greater universe, a reflection of life and existence itself. That New Years Eve night was a realisation of that reflected reality for me- a chance to intimately feel the quantum nature of being.