The Universal Life Orchestra

A Jazz band improvises just as Nature does, connecting to a greater force that speaks to all, coordinating and creating perfection in that moment

A Jazz band improvises just as Nature does, connecting to a greater force that speaks to all, coordinating and creating perfection in that moment

Silence……. and suddenly the orchestra erupts into life.  The sound is created through the harmony of many parts, each musician working individually but flowing together to create a stunning whole.  As each individual instrument changes, the others shift in harmony with it, so that perfection is maintained and the beauty sustained.

What a skill to create such a thing!  What talent to play it, conduct it, compose it and manage the ebb and flow of perhaps fifty or sixty individual parts.  Every musician has trained hard over many years to cultivate and nurture their talents and has created beauty and perfection in their own right.  Now, under the organising influence of the conductor and the composer, these musicians work in concert to perform a harmonious whole that is greater than the sum of the parts.

This is no different to the artist painting hundreds of colours onto canvas or a choreographer directing dancers in a company- there is the individual and there is the group.  There are the parts, and there is the organising force that brings these parts together to create a working whole.

This phenomenon is seen throughout nature.  Each of us, for example, is a group of trillions of cells, each cell performing approximately 100, 000 chemical reactions every second.  Each one of these cells works in harmony with all the other cells in the body to create you, sustain you, maintain you and keep you healthy, adaptable and able to learn, develop and grow throughout you long life.  How incredible is that!!!!!!!?

No less wonderful are the atoms that come together to create the chemicals that make the cell possible or the energy that works in harmony within the atom that brings all of life and the universe into existence.  Think of all the planets that make solar systems that themselves go to make up galaxies.  The universe is made up of billions of galaxies bursting in and out of existence, an individual instrument in its own right, part of an ever- flowing concert or symphony that plays because…….. that is what it does!

It is just as amazing to consider that these things are fluid and adaptable.  A living being interacts with the environment around it, changing in response to conditions, yet at the same time sustaining its form.  It is as if there is a timeless, unchanging centre that maintains balance and equilibrium within itself.  This perfection is achieved without thought.  We know this because the beauty of perfection is visible throughout nature- the delicate symmetry of butterflies’ wings or the shape of a tree.  Adaptability is essential, achieved within the context of balance and perfection.

The Universe is more like a jazz improvisation group, or a band jamming late into the night.  The players have a connection.  Without knowing how, they feel the change in harmony as it happens and adapt to it as its happening.  No different to a flock of birds or a school of fish- they move as one, sensing the movement of the group, not the individual.

What creates this order?  What is the musical score of your body and the Universe?  There is no doubt that there is order to Nature, because this amount of sustained coherence is too incredible to come about simply by chance.  Science is beginning to discover answers to these challenging questions.  It seems that the energy that is the universe is more spread out than we would imagine and interacts with itself through ripples of vibration.  Energy is not the pebble hitting the lake and creating ripples.  Energy is the lake!!!!!  Coded in this energy is information, transmitted within the ripples- the information is a vibration that transmits itself as the ripple moves, spreading across the lake that others can interact with.  This is happening at every point in the universe all the time.  The universe is like a vast lake of ripples.

The waves of the ocean take form and disappear, but they are still made of water, just as the ocean is.  Form is like a wave.  You can see it, touch it, be influenced and affected by it, but it is water, it is no different to the ocean itself.  Form is the same.  You can see it, touch it, be influenced and affected by it, but it is still energy.

This fluid nature of the universe begins to explain why things happen at a distance at the same time, like the flock of birds and the jazz musicians.  The universe is a vast lake of ripples that come in and out of existence and are fluid in nature.   Energy is constantly interacting allowing communication to take place at many levels and all part of the rich tapestry that goes to make our wonderful and mysterious universe- wonderful because of the many combinations of energy the ripples can generate and mysterious because these interactions are often happening beyond our senses and beyond our understanding.

Science is telling us we are interconnected- to each other and with the universe itself.  There are signs of this interconnectedness, events that indicate that we are most content when we are with like- minded people, when we are at one with nature, our loved ones and our pets and most importantly when we are at one with our self.  The harmony of sound in an orchestra, the harmony of colour in a painting, the harmony of shape in a sculpture or architecture and the harmony of minds in a family or working environment are all really the harmonious interactions of energy, the very state of balance and peace of Nature herself.


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