The science

You are Universal Energy

You probably know something about the Big Bang. The universe is thought to have been built from a single point that expanded. Because everything has come from the same single point source, the universe is a network of flowing energy that is interconnected, and that includes you.  Even though your experience of the world may be that you are separate, the truth if it is that you are in connection and communication with the universe on a multitude of levels.

This may be a different way for you to view the world and the way you live your life.  In Nourish the Flame Within we help guide you to understand the essence of the universe. With this insight you can begin to build a picture of how all things really are inter- related and how that interrelationship impacts your health, well- being and life. With this deeper understanding of universal energy and your connection to it better health and a better life can unfold to you.

 Energy Binds the Universe Together

You are made of energy, as is everything in the universe.  Scientists used to think atoms were the building blocks of the universe until it was discovered they were made up of smaller parts.  Keep splitting these parts up and you release energy at every stage until there is nothing left.  In truth, energy is at the centre of everything.  This energy flows and it is this fact that connects you to the world around you.  Recent research indicates that this may be a reason why the human body works in such a coordinated way and may explain the synchronous behaviour of birds in a flock or schools of fish.  Animals and humans are at some level aware of this communication of energy. Have you ever felt like someone is looking at you only to look around and find that they are, or think of someone and have them call on the phone in that instant?  Does your dog seem to know that you are upset or unwell or even know that you are on your way home? How is that possible?

This energy connection and communication is natural.  Through modern living you may have lost your sensitivity to it, but it is an innate part of your make up. Regaining your connection is easy to cultivate through meditation, martial arts Reiki and other forms of energy healing. All of these things work with your connection to the universal energy force.  With practise, your sensitivity to the universal energy force will grow, and you will become more in tune with its subtleties and its enhancement to your life.

 Energy Holds Information that allows you to Communicate

Energy vibrates and resonates as waves do.  Encoded into these waves are information, wisdom, insight, knowledge and understanding.  The universe is like an ocean of waves interacting with each other.  Sensitivity to these waves can give you the ability to develop rapport and empathy with people and make intuitive leaps of understanding and creativity.  Through practise and heightened awareness you can become more in tune with the environment around you. This will enable you to cultivate better relationships.

With this greater knowledge and insight, you will also develop a better understanding of yourself, and be guided from within to lead a life that is more meaningful and fulfilling. You will have an improved sense of health, a better sense of life- balance and a more engaged life experience as you grow from within to become a more positive force in your world.

Universal Energy Balances your Health and well-being

This flowing and vibrating energy has massive implications for health.  The body heals itself- it knows what healthy is and constantly strives to maintain balance along a health spectrum.  Eat a sugary meal and the body redresses the balance as fast as it can to bring your blood sugar down.

Balance of energy in the body is essential for good health, according to energy medicine practitioners.  Flowing energy in the body communicates emotional, physical and mental information that needs to keep flowing to keep your mind, body and spirit healthy.

When all the energy systems of the body are flowing correctly, you enjoy great health, simply because the body is designed and built around flowing energy systems.  Stagnant or blocked energy leads to poor health.  The longer energy remains trapped, the more profound the health implications.  Do you not owe it to yourself to understand how to make your energy flow? Because by doing so you may address any health issues that impact your long term and overall health.

Co-ordinated energy flow is a feature of energy systems throughout nature.  Health is just one example.  Ecosystems are another. It is the balance and harmony of many energy systems that brings beauty to our natural world.  Focussing the mind gives you clarity and energy to achieve results, find solutions and prioritise.  Meditation, Martial Arts and Reiki, visualisation and mindfulness can all focus the mind and bring peace and calm.

 Let the energy flow

By understanding the living energy of the universe, you are consciously connecting to something natural. You can learn to direct your energy and experience the wonder of energy in a focused way.  Energy is woven so deeply into the fabric of your life even though you may not necessarily realise the importance and significance of universal energy.  Now science is beginning to unravel many of the mysteries that eastern traditions have spoken about for centuries.  As scientific understanding deepens, you can share in its revelations through the insights given in Nourish the Flame Within. Start your universal energy journey and discover the wonders that await you.