About the Authors

Lynette and David are both passionate about understanding and teaching the uses of universal energy. Whilst Lynette is a Reiki master and a psychic medium who understands the practical uses of universal energy David has two science degrees and a number of published papers to his name. He is also a martial artist and a life coach.[read more...]

About the Books

Nourish your core with Nourish the Flame Within. This book is a unique meditation guide that shows the reader how to obtain vibrant health and inner peace, through the understanding and use of universal energy. [read more ...]

The Science

Energy is the Key. You are living energy. Energy binds the universe together. You are made of energy, as is everything in the universe. Scientists used to think atoms were the building blocks of the universe until it was discovered they were made up of smaller parts. [read more...]


Welcome to the Lynette Avis and David Brown book website. Here we have information about our book Nourish the Flame within; a guide to connecting to the human soul for Reiki, martial arts and life. This easy meditation guide teaches how  you can make your life better by increasing your energy connection. Universal energy can enhance your life, reduce stress, and improve your health and is available to all.

Nourish the flame within can be purchased from Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk,  Author house, Barnes and Nobel and all online book stores.

We are currently writing our second book Feel the Power and that will be published soon.